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I joined the Anytime Fitness that was being built in my neighborhood in May 2015. While filling out tge paperwork, the owner very clearly recited my personal bank account number and my Social Security number in front of the man who walked up behind me. As he did not seem to realize (the other customer) what the owner just repeated, I did not bring attention to it myself.

I specifically asked when the club would open and when the money would begin being deducted. I was assured the club would open within 30 days and I would be given the access and tour the club prior to the weekly fee being charged. I was assured of this twice.

As I still had a customer standing over me while filling out the paperwork and was sitting out in the Florida sun in front of a grocery store, I asked about the auto renewal and was informed it was in place so I did not lose my "discounted" rate if I chose to continue after a year.

Two months later I finally received an email on,I think, a Monday to let me know the club would open this Friday and to come in between 12 and 2 for my tour and to get my key. As I felt that keeping my job was more important than touring the club I was unable to go. I also had a family emergency that necessitated going out of town for the weekend. The following Friday Anytime Fitness paid itself twice from my account.

No real resolution was offered. It was written on the contract payment would start at club opening. I figure I deserve it for listening to the owner instead of reading the contract better before signing.

Fastforward to a year later and I am waiting for notice of renewal. I can't use the date on the contract as I know this was not the date of opening. So I finally find a date from an old email and it is more than a year. I called the club to cancel. Shocker, they don't do that at the club. You have to call the finance company. Another shocker, they didn't just contiue to pay themselves the same amount from my account. They actually renewed the contract for another year. A month early too. To be fair, I am a couple of weeks late on the opening date.

Apparently, I am now locked into another years contract that I don't want and am unable to cancel. The only was to terminate my association with Anytime Fitness is to send a written Certified letter(notice how more money is involved?)of my intent to Buy Out my contract. I must pay 65% of the rest of my contract in order to get away from this company. I was quoted $388 and change and was informed it may be more by the time the 30 days is up. This doesn't make sense as they are still getting paid while I am waiting for them to take MORE money. But I am fully expecting it at this point.

In the end, it will be worth it to get away from them. I was *** to sign that agreement. Please pay attention to EVERY WORD on that contract. Even if you are freaked out because someone just recited all your personal information needed for identity theft to random strangers and are sitting in full sun in the Florida heat. Do not listen or believe anything said to you by the representative or owner of the franchise. Spend an hour if needed reading word for word, front and back, before signing or initialing anything. I hope your experience is better than mine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is incorrectly listed as being in Apopka. The Anytime Fitness in Apopka opened in 2010 or 2011.