Flagstaff, Arizona

I was offered a membership at Anytime Fitness for $32 per month, this seemed like a good deal so I joined. I ended up paying $82 for the first month because they charge $50 extra for the door key.

The 2nd month, the manager lost my credit card info and had to call me, I was charged $52 instead of $32, so I complained and had this reversed. The 3rd month I was charged $52 again, and this time they would not refund the overcharge, and claimed my card was not working so they charged me an extra $20 fee. WHAT?

I was also charged an Extra $10 service fee a few days later, which they claim was in the contract. (Total of $62 for this month) I am going to canceled my membership after this incident, because of their ridiculous contract, fees, and level of unprofessional-ism when dealing with complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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you must not be able to read more this person has complained about taking to much money and 9 out 10 times was the gyms fault instaed trying cover and play the blame game use SOME INTEGRITY JENN and also thinks its every elses fault its the same thing by others not 1 person


19.50 insufficient fee when a payment is declined whether the card is cancelled or expired your responsibility to keep your payment info current I suggest using checking routing and account number to avoid this issue. After 10 days an additional 9.50 is charged as a late fee.

The billing company will attempt to contact you via the information you gave them when you joined. If you move or change your phone numbers or email you should let them know.

It blows me away when people get on these sites and "vent" when they are the ones who don't do what they are supposed to do! Geez!


wow 19.50 if your account has not enough funds and on top a 9.50 late fee thats almost a whole month i guess those small business that rely on outside banks to do their transactions gives their customers those high fees. mmm and routing numbers and all is all the same if you have not a dime in the account jajajajaja

and i bet you work at this place thats why your venting