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I joined 2weeks ago and today when I went today some guy who didn't have his key was let in. When I mentioned this to both parties, the guy who let him in and the guy without the key, I was called a *** fat cow" and told to mind my own business by the guy who was let in.

Then the guy got in my face. I called the owner and he said he would have to look into it. If your a women working out there BEWARE there is no security even though it says in their add they do. I frequently work out late at night when there is no attendant and now dont feel safe.

I will problw join Ballys since their cheaper, more secure and have a large facility.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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This is sad was looking for a fitness facility in northgleenthornton area. After seeing the below employees comments and that nosey lady will have to keep looking. Or just workout outside for free when weather is nice.


OMG Paul you are a stupiId little *** and if this is how you treat your customers you need help. I cannot believe an owner of a franchise would be taking to some like this.


Hello Everyone, I would like to clear the air as I firmly belive Mrs Barbara Northcross has misinformed everyone. First off i would like to apologize to Mrs Northcross for giving her the benefit of the doubt and would hoped she could have exited our facility with class and integrity but judging from her profanity her vocabulary is still a work in progress.

1. Mrs Northcross was not fully aware (as she claims) of our guest policy which she was explained at the beginning of her membership.

2. Mrs Northcross rudely approached one of our very valued members of 3 years and started swearing at him for not using his key as he entered. Under our guest policy he may use our club as long as he signs in like everyone else if he forgot his key, which he did.

3. Mrs Northcross then began to involve herself in a altercation which she had no part to be in. Mrs Northcross called the police which whom I have spoke with and they told me Mrs. Northcross wanted to file harassment charges against our valued member. Then, our valued member filed against you and quickly Mrs Northcross dropped her charges,,hummm no kidding!!!

4. The day after this altercation Mrs Northcross had her son come to the gym and threaten one of our staff members that he would take matters into his own hands if we don't take care of her mom. So we politely asked her son to let mommy handle her own business. :)

Moral of the story, on behalf of myself and Anytime Fitness of Northglenn we are very sorry that Mrs Northcross experienced a bad impression but fortunately we are apart of the WORLDS LARGEST fitness franchisee and we LOVE every one of our members. We are not for everyone and clearly Mrs Northcross belongs in a ballys where they are over crowed, understaffed, dirty, and lack enough equipment for there millions of members.

I appreciate all the positive comments everyone has left for our club and to all the people who have experienced an unhappy time at our gym we would love to make it up to you.

Yours in health, Paul


hey bjnorth maybe you should just not be a nosey bit** and keep your snooping where it wont *** anybody off, you sound like a real self riteous *** who needs no go to the gym to work out not butt into everybody elses buisiness, stop complaining you piece of ***


For you a white trash *** with a little ***


No your a man with no ***!!!


From what you stated, you were not sexually harassed. You were insulted cause you appeared to be a fat cow.


The owner Paul never contacted me.So I guess the membership has been cancelled. DONT EVER USE ANYTIME FITNESS!!!.

They don't give a craps ***. I was the victim of sexual harassment and received no apologies.


So far no response from the owner, Paul


Oh I just wanted to add I really like the facilities and I received unllimted tanning, so it's not that I want to get out of the membership I just want to feel safe when I am working out. :zzz :sigh