West Palm Beach, Florida
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I had a 1 year membership that expired 8 months ago. When my credit card was lost I found out that they had been taking money monthly out of my account.

I called and they said that I didn't read the fine print and they automatically sign you up on a month to month basis. I called to cancel and they never sent me the information to cancel it.

The whole membership is a scam. Hopefully this will warn others so that they are not over charged..I called the gym directly and they said they would cancel it but that I would not receive any reimbursement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $346.

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Yes anytime fitness is a SCAM when i signed up i was under the impression that i was signing a ONE year contract not the two years that they apparently signed me up for. Nobody is ever there to help you and i keep getting the run around about canceling my membership. Its not like i dont have a good reason i found a cheaper better 24 hour gym intown and not the next one over.


brandon, you are company ***


okay, brandon fat land", you sound like one of the lying *** that work at these scam farms. Well, you gonna get what's coming to you. Sooner or later your lies will catch up to you, be sure, friend.

Yours, Honest Boatman


Anytime insisted if I join it has to be by credit card. They send a twenty-something young girl out to sell you, they don't tell you until later about periodic "add-on fees" that they can charge to your account every four months.

I could tell by the demeanor of the sellers that they were a scam.

I will never resort to using my credit card. I found another place that does not require one.


Anytime IS a scam. The complainer may not all be there because if your card is lost, the first rule is to cancel or call your bank.

Anytime just want your money; they don't want to hear or correct any problems because they don't want to provide the services they had promised. That my dear is the biggest scam happening to our country.


No scam. Each contract has an auto renew area on the front of the contract.

You have to initial that section.

Maybe people just forget. Maybe if you just use the membership you wouldn't forget about your membership.


People dont seem to read what they signed up for. Gyms that do a lousy "pay as you go" contract rarely make it.

Why? Because when the month is up, the gym needs to start all over again getting a new customer base. When you lock customers in to a year to year membership, they are your customers and need to work out at your gym. what a concept right?

I mean how *** can people be. If you are really serious about working out, you wont need a month to month membership. whats the excuse? Just sign up and go...

period. Anytime is not a scam. They are offering 24/7 memberships at only $40 a month or so. how hard is that to conceptualize?

I repeat... people that sign up month to month are not committed to fitness anyway and can go back to fat land .