Texarkana, Arkansas
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I never used Anytime Fitness at all,I lost my son and thought it would be good because of my lost paid member ship for at least 4months never went to the gym.Called the location on Mansfield Rd.talked to an individiual in which stated that they would cancell my membership.Lately a company is calling asking for $742.00.I really need someone i can talk to I am suffering from depression.And need someone to talk too

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You had a valid excuse, a death.. Get something from his doctor your doctor and threaten lawyer if necessary.

What happens is, they get these minimum wage workers tell you no problem then try to bill you.. Easy to resolve with patients..

Start with your doctor and if you have date of call they can narrow down who you spoke with.. Show death certificate to owner or manager of gym..

If they still have a problem, smile keep your cool because a bad word goes further than a good word! They do not want that plublicity in the media as your reason was valid:)


The gym is located in Shreveport Louisiana I never received any type of services from them.I would like to resolve this matter.In which is hindering me I'm suffering from depression because of the death of my son.I paid money and never attended.Please someone help me I can not afford $700 plus dollars for services I never used


I know it may not help. But have you tried contacting customer service above the location level.

An area manager may be able to help more than a store manager.

As for the depression. Talk to your doctor and find a grief support group.