Steamboat Springs, Colorado
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Beware of Anytime Fitness! They will Rip you off!!

Live in Steamboat Springs,CO. Got a membership with Anytine fitness in 2012. Tried to cancel my membership after my agreed 12 month contract, and was talked into freezing my account for 3 months. This happened twice!!

Was Told "that if I did not use the gym at all over those three months, my account would be automatically canceled" because I did not have a current contract and I would be contacted before being charged! A week before Christmas, Unaware of this happening I have had $47 charged to my credit card for the past 9 months! Plus $20 for gym maintainance.

Have not step foot in the place for 9 months! Went into speak with "Angela" about what she had personally told me, and of course she denies everything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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How do you not realize you're being charged for nine months doesn't make sense


Really???? I have had an awesome experience with Anytime Fitness.

They are top notch, helpful, and the club culture exceeds the expectations of many. Sounds to me like you joined for a reason (better health?) and then gave up....and in doing so wanted out of their membership contract. If you wanted out you should not have agreed to freezing your membership twice. If your membership was frozen you could not use it in that time period so your excuse / review is invalid.

Get some internal fortitude and stand firm on what you really want. If you want out, don't agree to freeze your membership.

And don't write bogus reviews when it is your own fault.


Doesn't surprise me. It's such an awful gym.

I've worked out at many different gyms over the last 25 years and I can quite honestly say that it's really set up like a pyramid scheme. They try to get "you" to do the recruiting in exchange for a free month or two or more.

So, if everyone does this then it's the same thing as "flooding the market". There' s eventually nobody else to sell too because everyone will have a membership and because everyone has a membership the place becomes so packed that nobody can workout!!!