Portland, Maine

I signed up at the anytime fitness in portland maine. Worst customer service i have ever experienced.

I am currently trying to get out of my contract same for my husband. We can no longer affort it . Plus i found a waaay better deal. There is no compromise with the maniger joel.

We can pay them the rest of what we owe which fir the two of us is close to 1,000 dollars. They recently charged me 90 trainner fee while i was hospitalized with neumonia. And another time while my trainer was on his honey moon. The contracts are slick and preditory.

They rope you in with their up beat personalities abd a peomis of a vetter you and a better life.

The financial stress they have put upon my husband and i has gotton to the point where when oure monthly memberships and trainers fee comes out. We dont havecenough food

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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i just sent them a cert-letter canceling my membership which ends in nov..planning on turning in my key card in a week..they better not screw me over..this is the gym in south portland maine!!!


So what you're saying is they are really going the extra mile to help you on your weight loss journey?