Orlando, Florida
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Worst customer service i ever had. Call the branch about an unauthorize withdrawn from my account.

No one answer the phone i called 2 different branches no one seem to help, i called Abc finance and they told me that they must have change my due date to the 10th, i sign a contract and gave them permission to charge it on the 24th ea month well they charge it on the 25th and again on the 10th. I told Abc i need to know what do i need to do from preventing that my account would be charged again on the 24th since i been trying to contact the branch and NO ANSWER! But Abc told me i need to send them an email cancelling my Ach and that all i have to do is go in person and pay it, i did that and almost right away i start receiving emails, telling me they are sending my acct to the branch were i got the membership the 1st time and that my keys would no longer work at their location in Hunters Creek, this is 10 min from my house the other one about 45 min, are you serious right now? I call a branch for them to give me the corporate office all the time they dindnt want to give it to me, they told me the owner is here i was like perfect let me talk to him, guy told me hold on.

Guy came back on phone he said owner was in a meeting he will call u back that was more than 8 hours ago.... But he did send me an email telling me my payoff etc... And after that no phone call, no apology, sarcastic emails wich i got them all, worst customer service i have in my life... I even have record of all the phone calls i made and no answer!

And it was their mistake and i was the one that had to pay for the broken glass. They need new staff and most definetly a new owner.

They are rude, they have no customer service skill they dont care about their customers, and they made me feel unwanted. I wont recommend this company to anyone, i read all the comments and reviews and now i know why it happens to me....please read reviews before giving your trust and money to a company that can care less about their customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Anytime fitness Cons: Customer service.

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