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Ok here is the problem i am having. I originally started with the Beaver Dam Wi club because they had a deal for military of $20 a month.

I have had this contract for several years. Columbus Wi then put up a anytime fitness so i started going there. They said that i would have to transfer my membership to Columbus. They transferred me and advised me the membership would be $40 per month after complaining they said they would reduce the charge to $35 per month.

I have never agreed to this. They offered me until 30 April 2016 to decide I was not about to have my membership dues doubled. April 15 2016 the $35 dollars was taken out of my account. I have put a hold on the payment since I have only authorized the $20 dollar payment.

I then went to the Beaver Dam Wi club and tried to turn in the key. The young gentleman was very kind and advised me to return the key to the Columbus Wi club. I wet to the club in Columbus and tried to give the key back. The attendant there kept giving me back the key tellingme I may want to use the club while the paperwork was being processed.

I told him I was quiting the club because they had taken the unauthorized $35 dollars. I have never stated that I wanted to become a member of the Columbus club and certainly not for double the monthly fee. So we got into a rather heated discussion with me telling the attendant they were stealing the extra $15. They then had me sihn a cancelation form that would be completed in 30 days.

Which is a rip because I checked my bank account and the money was taken out on the 16 th of april 2016 . Instead of working with me and canceling the membership they made it clear that they would be taking out the $35 dollars in june. Although I had not been attending the fitness club for several years I have enjoyed the workouts when I did attend. I am looking to have the extra $15 dollars taken out for April 2016 which I never attended and the prevention of the taking out of $35 dollars in June.

Also I am asking that the personnel at the Columbus Wi club have training on customer assistance. I dont think I need to be threatened with a collection action for something I never asked for. I have advised if the funds are taken out for june that i will secure the equal amount of equipment of course everything in the club costs more than $35 dollars so that is a mute case and I don't have my key anymore. I have been treated very rudely by the staff here at Columbus and I will not stand beaing treated by them now or in the future.

I will not have any more corespondence with the Columbus fitness club.

Thank you for listening to my complaint and hopefully we can come to an agreement that will not hurt either of us. Michael smith ( michael.allen.smith.snowman@

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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