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Complaint:After paying for nearly a year for membership that i had not used all year, my credit card changed over and, while not attending, Anytime no longer recieved payments.

They then called for the payments that had accrued since the credit card changeover, (and while I still was, technically, not attending the gym at all) using their independent financial company. I said i would pay these fees after the credit card change if they could freeze my account since I had not been, and was no longer going to be, attending for some time. I paid current for the few months i missed due to my credit card number changing.

I was, at that point, under the impression (though it seems mistakenly) that, according to the representative i talked to, that my account was then frozen until i decided to start attending again.

However, i recieved an overdue letter two months later.

I inquired, calling the number in the letter and was told i needed to talk to Anytime Fitness instead of the independent financial company, ABC financial, in order to freeze or cancel my account at Anytine Fitness, whose rep told me i had to go into an Anytime Fitness location to fill out paperwork in order to ever freeze or cancel my membership.

This was information new to me.

(i joined many years ago, so this information, if communicated upon signing on was no longer apparent to me)

I called my Anytime Home gym, and a rep told me if i paid current regardless, and continued my membership at that time that he could try to pro rate two months in the future for the two months i had unbeknownst been charged for.He told me he would follow up the next day.

I then thanked him for working with me and extending the extra effort to accomodate my ignorance or miscommunication in the freezing/cancelling accounts process and paid half of the unaware balance due through the financial company and set a date to pay the remaining balance.

After recieving no call or follow up from the Anytime Home Gym, i called a few days later and left a message inquiring about a follow up to our conversation.

I did not recieve a return call until today nearly two weeks later from a different Home Gym representative who told me that the previous Home Gym rep was "no longer with [them]" and that no pro rated option was available now or ever, and that i needed to pay the remaining balance, and....and..... :( :-& he had a snarky coffee edge to his unforgiving and piercing tone that was as bent as a bee buzzing to what was thought to be his (though he was probably just tired and unforgiving instead of zappy and unforgiving).

He wasn't willing to offer any understanding or consideration beyond stating what me and the previous (now apparently ousted) Home Gym Rep had established about waiving the minor late-fees and then he ended the conversation abruptly.

Issues:No follow ups, and poor coordination in communicating with customers about freezing/cancellation process. Poor customer service.

Suggestions: (we dont want yer f+**¥~^ suggestions yah little rast chair getch!!)1) (Sonething to affect of:) Tracking gym use for customers to Check in when they havent attended for more than a month or two months (with the option for customers to decide on how long a gap between gym use (yah friggen Margle, whaddya want? Get Back!!) they want before being checked in with? (an "extra mile" type customer service provided)

2)Allow customers to freeze or cancel membership over the phone with the ability to deactivate their individual keys at that time (this is assuming each key comes with individualized data) and/or then letting them know they have to turn in their key to finalize the freeze/cancel.

Consoladate (Really? Consolidate you littLe friggen marger!) at least some aspects (that's better...) of the company such as: allowing these cancellation/account freezing processes to occur at any gym, instead of soley the Home Gym location?A database that can share data between gyms and the financial company so customer conversations, coordination, and miscommunication likelihoods are improved?

I don't think the communication was very pleasant today, very much the opposite, (My heart was nearly lasered with coffee zaps!) which would have gone a long way in getting out payments and a solution/compromise without having to incur, afterwards, the slightly, to mildly, effective wrath of constructive internet comments afterwards. Though I am very guilty myself of being short in the phone with customers (before i learned any kind if sensibility, sensitivity and customer care) so i apoligize to those i zapped in my past at this time.

May we zap less and help those with dry skin to enbalm in lotion more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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