Homosassa, Florida

The Homosassa Anytime Fitness gym is the worst "gym" I have ever joined and I wish I would have checked it out further before I joined. I just assumed that because it was an Anytime Fitness, that it would be managed in a similar way like other Anytime Fintess gyms where I have been a member in the past.

Oh heck no! They WILL take your money and be super nice and helpful when you are signing up but after they have your account number you are pretty much dead to them. I was a member for 6 days - within that time frame I tried to run on the treadmill 3 times and everytime the equipment was full with a wait list 2-3 people deep. Sorry but I don't come to a gym to sit on a couch to wait to use equipment!

The owner thinks this is perfectly acceptable practice and it is my fault that I am coming at a busy time and that if I don't like it I can drive 7 miles down the road to see if the other Anytim Fitness they own has equipment available. I am dead serious this is what they told me to do. So naturally I told them to please cancel my membership and the old man at the desk said that I can't cancel because I signed a contract. No Kidding, even though I was only able to workout once in six days, that's my fault and now I'm on the hook to pay for a gym membership I cant use.

So naturally I detested and said this is unreasonable and that I wanted me money back because the service I contracted with them to provide is not available as promised. He said he would "give me a break" and let me cancel the contact but that I still owed him $57 for the months membership! Ridiculous since I literally worked out one time.

DO NOT JOIN THE HOMOSASSA ANYTIME FITNESS. Go to the Spring hill Anytime anytime fitness because it isn't owned by these rude father-son scam artists

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What did you want them to do? Kick the other people off the machine and let you cut in line?

If other people were ahead of you then there's not much the workers can do about that. I'm sure there was other equipment you could have used while you were waiting, or like he suggested, you could have come at a time that was not so busy.


You joined before checking it out.

Your problem.