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This is in reference to the personal training rather than the gym it's self. Of course with anything else you have to sign into a contract.

Now upon signing you are informed that if you miss a session with plenty of notice/warning you won't be charged your contract will be extended to cover those sessions. Now when it actually comes to the sessions I had 4-5 sessions that were missed. When they were missed because of a commitment I had they were given days if not weeks of notice. Some of those days were missed because the personal trainer had other commitments.

No problem. On the weeks I did not attend I was still charged and my assumption was those sessions would be made up free of charge at the end of my contract. Nope. I paid for every day I was there and every day I wasn't and never had my sessions made up.

Of course they have this ridiculous system they use to justify this but the face remains that I was paying for service I wasn't given. At the end of my contract I had three sessions for which I wasn't charged which made sense to me given I had missed several weeks. After those three sessions I get a text saying oops you owe us $160 for those sessions. So again I'm paying and never receiving sessions to make up for the ones I missed.

I them informed them that I didn't want to bother continuing (my 3 month contract had long sense been up. After the initial sign up the trainer informed me I could go month to month they just don't like to tell people that. Then they can't force them into a long term commitment) and surprise I have to pay for 2 more sessions that I will not attend and that are out of my contract.

Once my contract is up for my gym membership you will never see my step foot in these gyms,I have recommended several friends to this gym and they have all been over charged repeatedly and had to fight to get their money returned. The gym themselves are ok but if you work hard for your money like I do I don't recommend giving it to this gym.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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