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So pissed! I moved 30 miles away from anytime this past month, and before that, my card was stolen, so I got a new card.

Haven't been going to the gym at all because of my work schedule. Just got an email saying I owe $142 on my account including late fees. No other emails at all regarding this. I have been getting 1-800 numbers calling me but I never answer 1-800 numbers since my mom was almost scammed during tax season.

Now what? *** these people. I called my location and all I got was a guy named Chris interrupting me every chance I spoke saying it was my fault for not realizing I needed to change my card info. Yes, I know it was my fault!

But I'm also human! I have had so much stuff going on that I didn't think to change my gym card info (which I haven't been using!) -pissed customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Again all I hear is cry babies wanting to blame other people. Entire society has turned into a bunch of entitled whiners who take responsibility for nothing. No wonder country is in trouble.