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My husband and I went to local anytime fitness. He is disabled and at times has health issues.

He liked the club. We were both under the impression that this gym was cancellable upon payment of a fee. We went to the gum for a month or two. Fast forward to a visit to the gym after which we went out to eat.

I was called by club employee while at lunch adking me if i had taken another members keys on my recent visit. I said i did not think that i had but would have my husband (inconveniently) leave our lunch and go check the gym bags to make sure that we didnt take them. No keys in our bags. I tell this to gym employee who states "oh I think you do have them, we have cameras".

I reply okay I can look again or you can watchbyour camera because I dont have anyones keys. He watched video and said oh you are right Someone else took them. I apologize, I will give you free training. that never occurred.

I was then uncomfortable attending this facility due to being accused of taking someone's keys. Went a few more timea anyway due to the price. Husband became ill and unable to use his membership, he does not drive among other issues. We inquired at that time multiple times regarding cancelling our payments/memberships.

Our calls were ignored and/or we received nonspecific calls back. As i received no answer I cancelled the payment method that was used for this place. I then began receiving emails from their billing company. Despite multiple calls this was not resolved, we were told we could not cancel.

I then began receiving calls which i believed were from an attorneys office offering resolution which I accepted and agreed to despite being very angry about the accusations of stealing. I agreed to pay a payment and they would forgive the past due. My husband gave the information and authorized the debit. It was never done.

Called two weeks later, still not done. My husband even asked about having our paperwork transferred to a sister club to avoid my discomfort and received an apology from a club employee and talked about replacing key fobs for us. My next communication after not being charged was with the person that i believe misrepresented themselves to begin with stating that they now wanted 434 dollars. I then stated I would call the corporate office l.

I have made three phone calls to anytime fitness corporate office, as yet unreturned. I have spoken with a person who I believe misrepresented themselves as an attorney but is really a collection agency and i have made repeated phone calls as well as my husband has made repeated phone calls to the local club, billing company, local sister club mostly unanswered or offering no resolution. I refuse to use a facility that accused me of being a thief. I also refuse to pay 434 dollars when i have already paid 5 months of fees.

Im disgusted by the complete lack of business sense here.

My husband still cant drive and is still unable go use this service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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