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Up today I belonged to an anytime fitness gym located at fountain green outside of bel air md. I was there for close to 5 years.

Friday the owner took out one of the cable towers that allow for various exercises such as cable flys. There was talked that may happen late last year. I approached the owner and asked him not to take the cable tower since I and other members use it extensively. He went ahead and took the tower away (screwing over anyone how used it as part of there routine) on Friday March 18th without any heads up.

It was replace by another hammer bench press. Needless to say as a member, i felt my plea to keep it was ignored and dismissed. I went in today to see if the owners would me omit next months fees since they changed the scope if the gym for me. They told no since it was too close to the billing cycle(end of next week) I am not under contract and qas hoping that beung a long time buy some clout but I was badly mistaken .

The owner denied me that request and gave me the attitude that i should have already known about the change since my plea was taken as complaining about the potential removal of the tower. I was also directed not to discuss how i felt about the change with other members figuring i would be a disruption. I wasnt happy about the way they were handling me so in fustration gave up my access key which in hind sight was not smart because i will be paying another months dues but then again who knows how far the owners would have gone to keep me off the premises eventhough i am a current paying member. The owner showed her poorer customer service approach to the situation.

I felt was just a $$$ sign and not valued customer. What really set me off is when i went over to talk to a long time acquaintance. I was telling this person i was leaving the gym because i was not happy with the equipment change. Then one of the anytime employees seizing the opportunity to interject herself into my conversation told me i had to leave the gym.

I lost it and cussed her out. I know that was not the best approach but a business has no right tell a customer to basically shutup and like it or else.

I could not stand for this rudeness besides I was not interupting this guy's workout since he was in walking around and was receptive to my approach. As i leaving, i saw that they were filming my actions on a camera phone which i said to the owner i am paying for this *** and to *** me; not a stellar moment but the owner did not give a *** if i stayed or went.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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