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I had a very unpleasant experience at the Fernandina Anytime Fitness Club.

I felt queasy and lay down in my parked car after leaving the club. I woke to police handling, which I couldn't help thinking was a misunderstanding. (By their line of questioning, they must have been called and toldI was some sort of vagrant.)

The owner had me warned against trespassing (??) on both the Fernandina and the Yulee clubs on the false allegation that I had allowed an unauthorized user into the Fernandina Club. The sheriff says only she can reverse the warning, and tells me I can be arrested for exercising my membership privileges at either club. The only person ever to accompany me (and certainly not on the date I was accosted) was a friend using a week-long guest pass, and approaching the membership desk during staffed hours (though I cannot say for certain that during that week he did not just follow me through the member door as I entered.) When he learned what happened to me, he lost all interest in joining the Club.

Not only was this a hostile act against a paying member, but I believe it was a blatant lie concocted to select against an out-of-town member.

I tried using the online feedback form to complain to Corporate, and got no response.

The police are overstepping their authority, but refuse to reverse the warning.

The whole thing gives me an awful impression of Anytime Fitness, and I would like to see the Corporation order that owner to apologize and reverse the police action, or stop using the Anytime Fitness brand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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