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Anytime Fitness removed me from their facility because two women felt "uncomfortable" around me with no other explanation or reason. I'm a far cry from creepy. I'm clean cut, fit and very kind to those around me. In fact, they video record everything and won't prove to me that I've done something wrong and I know that I haven't. I was persecuted because I'm a christian man.

I will never give a kudos to this company for any reason what-so-ever. The manager even told the owner, who is in Minnesota, that I am an extremely nice guy and had my back. So the lifeless human that resides in Minnesota, the coward, can take her business and cram it so far up her keister that it never sees daylight again. I know her time will come when she needs to seek the judgement from the man up above.

Review about: Anytime Fitness Facility.

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Take the time to read a few of the posts on the complaints below and it will not take long to figure out this company totally s_cks! Oversight from Chuck Runyon, CEO and his loyal corporate followers is nothing short of ridiculous.

Working for this company, paying in advance for a membership or trying to build a relationship with an employee (the good ones will not stay long) is a waste of time.

This place is amateur hour! BUYER BEWARE!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #218837

She feels unconfortable around me because I like working out in the women's gym. I may have stared at her *** for a few seconds but that is because they are nice and firm. I never touched her or stared too long.

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