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Don't join the Anytime Fitness in Macclenny for their group fitness classes. Recently Anytime Fitness has cancelled several group fitness classes.

It's worse when some of the instructors show up late AND leave early, or not show up at all.

I've been trying to lose a little weight, and it's upsetting to me that I am bound by contract to a gym who is not dedicated to their group fitness classes. Everyone's time is valuable, so when someone sets the time aside for a specific class, I think it's reasonable to expect the class to start and end on time, according to the group fitness schedule.

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I'm beginning to see your point Trying to Lose Weight. I have noticed classes being canceled.

But there is not enough Zumba offered in my opinion. New classes are being offered but nothing that seems interesting.

I have spoken to other members and a lot agree. The Zumba classes are packed but still they do not offer more?


Yet again, the classes have changed! One starts and then next month ends.

I cannot wait for my membership to end so I can cancel.

I can't get into a routine with this gym. Not worth the money!


You're right, things do come up and sometimes schedules do change. But just like I said it is worse when instructors are allowed to show up late AND leave early.

I am glad that Susan supports Macclenny, and I’m sure she is professional; and hopefully she is looking at this website and is monitoring the instructors now. Whether they are her employees or not she has the control of who teaches at her gym and who doesn’t. Any instructor that is consistently late or inconveniencing the members should be dealt with, by someone. And if ANYONE were watching or monitoring they would know who is calling in sick and who is not.

They would know who comes in 15 minutes late AND leaves 15 minutes early. Although being an instructor is a second job to many, it is still a job that deserves dedication… But I never wanted to get into an argument with any members, the instructor or the owner; all I ever wanted is to go to the gym that I pay for faithfully every month and work out for the full hour; NOT wait 15 minutes for the instructor to get there, work out for 30 minutes and leave 15 minutes early.


I have been a member for a few months and Iove this gym. The staff is friendly and the class instructors are great.

Given the amount of traffic in this gym and for the facility itself being on the smaller side, I think they keep the place clean and running pretty well. The instructors are not employees of the gym. From the instructors I have spoken to they all work other full time jobs. Just like me and you, things come up and we call in or have to change schedules.

The manager susan is very professional and on the occasions I have spoke to her about issues has resolved them very quickly. Susan donates and supports Macclenny.

I appreciate that. The previous comment from the "pissed consumer" sounded like it came from someone who was having a bad day to begin with and then their class was cancelled.


Many of these 24/7 clubs have resorted to offering compromised group fitness to try and create revenue. Franchisees got screwed with their investment and are just trying to salvage what they can.

Unfortunately many of these owners will just "pay it forward" to the members by using the same tactics that corp used on them. All of these franchisees were trained by corporate, systems are set up by corporate, policies are recommended or set up by corporate and franchisees are screened by corporate. Chuck Runyon, CEO of Anytime Fitness and Peter Taunton, CEO of Snap Fitness are all about the $$$. This is prevalent when I was involved and why I am no longer.

Their greed and selfishness is only rivaled by the people they bring to the high levels to join them. Health, fitness, disease prevention, weight loss?

YEAH RIGHT! These companies are posers with franchisee contracts that heavily favor corporate and methodically drain the owners.