Livingston, New Jersey

Anytime Fitness location Nahunta, GA, a fitness center located in a very small town- everyone knows everybody type of area. The manager in the center has her panties in a twist, so to speak, and someone needs to get her lazy butt out of the gym.

A fitness center is a positive place for people to go and work-out their body. She never smiles, speaks to anyone, and deliberately shows favoritism to specific male members.

A lot of the time, she sits on her butt in the office, meanwhile, the bathrooms are disgusting and no towels for the members. When asked about towels she responds "towels are a luxury," it seems to me that if i were a franchise owner in a small town such as Nahunta, I wouldn't risk loosing business as they now have, due to a lousy manager than can easily be replaced!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

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Find out who her Corporate Liason is and it will go down the line to the O2i and the issue will be resovled. Every apple has its bad seed. Wish I could be there to manage it, myself.


This is why my family joined Brunswick YWCA. I went to that specific location to join a few months ago, the sign said staff hours begin at 10 AM.

I waited until 10:30 and still no one was there. I guess they didn't need my money.

YWCA has great staff and towels! Lol