Las Vegas, Nevada
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Anytime Fit is horrible! 7-hills location in henderson NV is a dump. The place is super small. Not enough equipment. The equipment they do have is old *** and usually broken. 3 channels on the super small TV screens. Cant afford to put the ac on when its hella hot outside, they are too cheap to pay for cable. It makes the treadmill boring.

The woman who signed me up flat out lied to me about contract.

When i go back the guy was super rude, tryed to use physical intimadation ( which he lost that battle, he knew to back down.... U little punk)

And was like "0h well too bad". I cant believe i let my friend talk me into signing up.

Forget this entire company, its lvac or 24 hr for me. Screw u anydump fitness.

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fghghg :cry


Chuck Runyon, CEO has allowed this to occur in his company for years. Part-time, untrained sales staff do not inform new members of all of the nuances of the agreement, take advantage of them and embellish or make up *** along the way to make their stinkin commission. Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness both use a third party billing company (ABC financial in this case, Checkfree for Snap) to try and insulate them from the negative publicity. They consistently use this to their advantage to extract additional fees, dues and revenue from unsuspecting members. This was obvious while I was involved and one of the reasons why I am no longer. Between employee errors, lack of management oversight, corporate issues and the billing company involvement, it is almost guaranteed you will pay more than what you agreed to. Besides a weak business model and *** customer service most 24/7 clubs throughout the country are performing business contrary to the current state, county and city laws and regulations. BUYER BEWARE

Feel free to contact Chuck with any pertinent feedback or just to complain.