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Seems like when you sign up for memberships at legitimate clubs who care about their customers, you know what you pay and what you get for what you pay. Understanding that, its interesting to note the comment from a poster below:

Anyway, yesterday I called the club to inquire about the number for the corporate office because I had a billing dispute. I was told by a staff member that I had no reason to call corporate and that they, "doubt a mistake was made, but even if it was, you still are getting a rate lower than most members, so it will probably even out." WHAT?!

Unhappy with this BS, I found the number online and called. The corporate office was very apologetic, and said they would send an e-mail to my club saying that they are resolving the billing issue on their end.

30 minutes later, I get a call from the club and am told that they are CANCELING MY MEMBERSHIP FOR VIOLATING CLUB RULES! I said, "what club rules?" I was told, "I told you earlier that you had no reason to call corporate, and since you obviously have issues with club policy, I spoke with the owner and we decided to terminate your membership. If you wish to remain an active member, you need to call corporate back and withdraw your complaint."

I said, "I wasn't complaining! I was trying to get a billing mistake fixed!" The reply was, "well, I already told you what you need to do if you if you wish to keep your membership. That's all I have to say to you. Good bye."

I have never,not ever in my life been treated this way or threatened by any club in which I PAY MONEY to for membership. Who the *** does these people think they are? Anyone else gone through this, because I know it can't be an isolated case

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $555.

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Anytime Fitness sucks purely for the fact that they have a "life sentence" membership policy. I am paying the bill but I want everyone to know that they should stay away.

If there is a class action lawsuit count me in! I don't want money, I want to bring them down!!!!!!!


This seems to be typical of these 24/7 franchised fitness clubs. The franchisees and club members are sucked into this "new and improved" business model which sets up people for this type of situation.

A third party billing service is used to alleviate the franchisee and corporate from potential negative consequences. BUYER BEWARE!


Where is this place? Thanks for taking time to share this.