Flint, Michigan

I joined Anytime Fitness in Boulder,Nevada,however my job in construction ended unexpectently so I had to cancel my membership at the gym.I canceled within my 3 day period,I wrote a letter of termination and handed in my keys.The owner said I would get a full refund ($174.00 for 3 months),he did inform me that he could'nt give it to me at that exact moment,but he would refund the money back into my account within 2 days.I joined last December and to this day I have not received ANY money. Since last December I have called many times to inquire about my refund,they usually do not answer the phone so each and everytime I call I leave a message,I have also witten Emails.I did speak with someone in November and I finally thought I was making progress,the person I spoke with looked my chart up and he reassured me that I would FORSURE get my refund,he even asked if a check would be alright instead of depositing it into my account.I was completely agreeable to a check,however as of this date I have not received anything.I have been in contact with their corporate office (Janet-customer complaints)I thought I was getting somewhere when she got involved,but I still do not have my refund.As far as I am concerned ANYTIME FITNESS is stealing my hard earned money.I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I will ultimately take them to small claims court,the timing is not good right now,my dad is dying and I really need to be here,I live in California and I will have to travel to Nevada.If anyone is thinking of joining this gym,please think about how they have treated me.$174.00 is alot of money and I really need it.....Kelly Divine

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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The CEO of Anytime Fitness is Chuck Runyon and he knows this is regularly occurring within the franchises but won't touch it. Corporate oversight is lacking and only kicks into action if it monetarily effects Chuck and the gang.

This franchiser s_cks and the complaints on this website and others is absolute proof. I wish you the best.


Do you have an attorney??

If not, then contact me and I can get you one for a VERY low price a month. Go to my website, go over it, learn more about it and what were about and get back to me.


My personal email is

a_davis_78@yahoo.com to ask any questions.

Do this for yourself and stop them. I have had *** like that happen to me too many times. Which is why I'm doing what I do now.

Good luck and God bless.