Ames, Iowa

I lost my job due to any injury and I have very limited funds. I called to see if I could cancel it and the owner said there is nothibg I can do.

They don't care as long as they are getting their money. Don't think this people will cut you any slack. Golds gym is so much more understanding. I hate anytime fitness.

Beware of this gym, customer service is the worst I ever encountered.

I would call to talk to them and they were never at the gym! I would go to the gym to talk to them in person and they are never there either!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

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well you did sign a contract... what are contracts for?


Same as any gym, including Gold's gym, you cannot cancel an agreement becuase of an injury unless it's a permanent injury with a not written from a doctor. I've worked for both companies, and they're both basically the same.

Anytime Fitness should have frozen your account while you healed from an injury. Sorry if they didn't offer this to you, but there are definitely some bad seeds out there.