Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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I got a membership at anytime fitness. The guy told me you get this for free and this for free but you still have to pay a monthly payment that is only 25% of the cost for everyone else because you won some dumb *** contest.

It was all a lie. My 2 free training sessions turned into one, with a guy who was on his phone the entire time, and it says right in my contract that I dont have a yearly club dues or what day they are on. I got an overdraft in my bank account and then a charge for it being returned because those *** took money out of my account for membership enhancment fees. I called the corperate office and she said, if you look in your contract it says right there and you signed it.

I looked, I initialed it, and theres nothing there, it doesnt say anything about a day or anything about how much.

I tried to call the gym and talk to the *** whole whole who stuck me with an 18 month contract of a GYM I HATE!!! and he wont answer or return my phone calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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The people who run and operate the place need to be more focused on what they are doing. The sleezeball that was running this gym at the time was only doing it so he could bang every hot chick that walked in the door.

He promised it would be taken care of since it was his mistake not to fill in the parts. The cost of the membership were paid every month, so my financial responsibility was being upheld. But yes, lets attack a person whom you don't know about their lack of paying their bills when clearly, they were being ripped off. Had the operator of said gym filled out the contract completely, then yes, the person would have known the money was coming out of their account and money would have been placed in there.

Since new ownership, it has become a decent place to workout.

Its not solely on the corporation, but the people who run them. Just like any chain, when one place does poorly it reflects badly upon all other franchises.


The "I'll tell you what" POS post below is an obvious corporate shill defending this financial quagmire of a deal. Embellishment, deception and outright l_ies permeate the commissioned salespeople rhetoric.

Minimizing and defending it is the motivation of these shills who have nothing better to do than troll the complaint sites.

BUYER BEWARE! Go elsewhere.


What sucks are the people who obviously have no sense of fiscal responsibility bouncing their checking accounts because they spent their money on *** they didn't need, and when it was time to pay a bill their checking account bounced. So what do they do? Oh the most logical thing, place blame on a company that actually wants to help improve their life. There is NO WAY you didn't know what day Anytime Fitness was debiting your account. Impossible. Seriously, I work for the company. Yes, I am a....what did you call it? A 'shill'. And reading through most of the posts on this website makes me laugh hysterically at the fact that most of you A) Don't know how to type. and B) Probably don't belong in public, let alone a fitness facility, in the first place.

Anytime Fitness, and most other companies in the industry (i.e. Gold's Gym, World's Gym, Snap Fitness) offer health and wellness as an investment. Like any investment, there is usually a contractual agreement explained to you upon signing up. Besides, why in the *** would you join a gym whose slogan is, "quit whenever you want"?

Get on a treadmill and stop whining.

@I'll tell you what ***ks....

Get over yourself, I know this post is old but I just came upon it cause some *** stuff just happened at my anytime fitness. You work at anytime fitness so that automatically puts you like 5 levels below any real human with a job.

You are down there with the trash guys or 16 yr. olds working at McDonalds.

So watch what you say to people, people with real jobs who may sell you houses, or manage your money, or work in real offices. Stay classy


Once again, a shill (Below AF Mgr) makes an appearance to "represent" and offer their POS two cents. Read through pissed and you will see this is the norm, not the exception.

The corporate shill post below is an attempt to discredit the original post and dilute the message. The message is simple, ANYTIME FITNESS S_CKS!


As with any company there is fine print... all of which is outlined on the contract YOU signed.


Watch your backside as this is only the start of your adventure! Just a reminder, all franchisees are trained by corporate so what you are experiencing is a direct reflection from the top. DON'T BEND OVER.....