Pune, Maharashtra

The gym location in Kalyanianagar shut down without any prior notice. This is illegal and they owe money in damages,

How does the main international office allow this?

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You all are sue happy. My guess is that you will get around two to three million in punitive damages for the gym closing without notice.

Get this, when a business runs out of money they close their doors. They do not have to call, email, or text you that they are no longer a solvent business, they just close their doors.

If they charged you a month's membership without services being rendered then they should refund you on a prorated basis. Good god lets all spend our time figuring out how and when to sue instead of actually going to work for a living.


Hey! Exactly its not even a month and even in Nagpur its shut off!

Even here they collected as high as 8500 INR from almost 1200+ ppl, and suddenly they closed down from 15th.

I think its Indian counterpart is fraud,because this US based fitness center has presence in almost all Countries and Even Actor Suneel Shetty is one of the Director inn India (as seen on their website) infact he is the one who inaugrated both Pune and Nagpur Gym, Even i had paid them 8490 but guess this fraud in Nagpur is of Over 1 Cr. Lets see what Police can do as some ppl have already loged a police complaint against them.


One wonders if this is the standard operating procedure for these 24/7 fitness clubs? Read all the complaints here and at bluemaumau about Anytime and Snap Fitness and it is not difficult to figure out these clubs suck!