Madison, Wisconsin
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This fitness franchise is horrible - actually it is the person named Megan who is the person who you sign up with - she doesn't know how to do her job - her boss owner Mike Bell told her that she could file for my insurance but she threw a little hissy fit and she actually didn't do it. I was patient to see if she was just late and found out from my insurance company that she never filed for me to get my monthly fitness credit from my health insurance company.

I called her and she told me she had been sick - which I seem to think is funny for 3 months?? I questioned her about this and she said she would do her job now but it was 6 months into my using their facility. She and Mike Bell I fell owe me $80 which is what my insurance would have sent them a check for.

I dropped my membership as I was only on a month to month basis but I still had to pay for the last month. I wrote the owner and have never ever heard anything from him and she didn't even give me an apology she just told me to write a letter that I was quitting their membership - this place is run really bad!!

My next place to complain is the national franchise company to see if they can do anything.


Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Facility.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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They all have undertrained staff........ It all stems from poor management and ownership.........

Never go to this type of gym.... You get what you pay for....


Please put up your complaint on Angies list. you do not need to be a member to file your complaint there. Then file one with the better business bureau for your city, state online.


someone was mean to me and hurt my feelings, waaaaa, GROW THE *** UP!!!!


This waaa guy needs a hobby. You can tell it's an employee or an owner.

What's hilarious is this person is hurting the business even more by harassing people on a consumer website, which reinforces what everyone is saying about the poor customer care and sneaky tactics.

Maybe you should have skipped the gym once or twice to finish high school ***. Or even better you could have finished college and not have to work at an anytime fitness.



Sorry to hear about your bad experience!! Our owner just won orner of the year out of 700 owners and 2000 clubs.

I see that you posted your comment from Madison WI...come check out one of our 16 clubs! You will be taken care of by our great staff!:)