Alexandria, Minnesota
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I had just turned 18 when I got this membership, and right into college. When I signed up for this membership, the gym manager said that if there was ever a month that I couldn't afford to pay it, I could work that month to pay it off.

Well, I worked for the first several months and then gave my membership to a friend and when I got my membership back, he said I could still clean, but then when I asked him when I was supposed to work, he told me I couldn't! I ended up paying $48 a month for several months! Well, I tried canceling my account after I got paid in full and he said I couldn't cancel. Well, my membership contract is up in 4 days and I'm getting charged for another month!

They've ripped me off! DO NOT GET A MEMEBERSHIP THERE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Anytime Fitness in Alex is the best gym around. They were ranked #1 just recently.

Most people don't read their agreement and know they need to give a 30 day notice.

Very standard with mostly every gym. I would highly recommend Anytime Fitness to anyone living in Alex!


I did try canceling my membership a month in a half in advance and he wouldn't except it. And I do online classes so that i can still work full time so I don't actually go to the college.


It seems to me you're very inexperienced with gyms/fitness centers. Hopefully you hung on to your contract in there it will tell you exactly how to cancel your membership.

Most commercial gyms make you give around 21-30 days notice and will charge the next month if proper notice is not giving.

Also if you're in college why exactly would you need to pay a gym membership? Most colleges have a gym you can use for free.