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I signed a contract for a month to month gym membership for the club in Berlin, CT. I was very clear, that I would only go month to month.

I paid a premium price to have a month to month contract.

I opted to work with a personal trainer, and he completed some paperwork, with me, indicating that I needed to cancel an appt within 24 hours and asked me to sign next to the line that stated that exactly.

When I notified the center with 30 days notice, to discontinue automatic withdrawls from my checking account, they refused and stated that I had a 48 session, 6 month contract. I was never given a copy of the paperwork completed by the personal trainer.

When they showed me a copy, the area above my signature that had been blank was now filled in, indicating 48 session agreement, written in AFTER my signature, and with absolutely no discussion with me. I had recieved an injury and reported it, working with BOTH of the personal trainers. I didn't make much of that, tho I've never sustained an injury before. They insisted that I signed a contract, and that I owed them $ 1,500.

They were culpable in illegally obtaining a contract AND in TWO injuries due to inadequately trained personnel and because the other was too tired in the morning to pay attention to what he was doing. STILL they insisted. I involved corporate, which was only a frustration, more of the same. I recieved a call from the financial company stating that my membership had ended.

I have no idea what that means. Their behavior is unwarranted, unprofessional , at best.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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WOWWW :) :) :) :) I am SOOOO GLAD to be reading this and others before getting me and + 3 other people to join. I'm gonna back out and go to the "Y" instead!!

Thank god for reviews. It's a shame that a corporation so large, ends up treating people this way.

Smiles of Nature going to the YMCA instead!!