Saint John, New Brunswick
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I recently visited as a guest and was totally disgusted with the equipment and staff. I went in to use the womans bathroom and the toilet was overflowing with a mess of *** and *** covered toilet paper. I advised a Female staff member and she started blaming me!! I couldn't believe it, she was raising her voice and others at the gym were hearing this for sure. I made it clear by stating if what she was saying is true, a 130 lb 23 F took a large ***, wiped extensively(from the amount of toilet paper on the floor), then flushed and went straight to tell her in less than 10 seconds as the video surveillance tape would show.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO NOT JOIN THIS GYM. I decided to try the gym one more time(since I live across the street) and this time, the male working there would not stop staring at me, and was using profanity with another gym member. not to mention his appearance was unkempt. I made the decision to drive 10 minutes to a different club, and pay $21 more per month.

Maggie Malone Halifax, NS

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I own a competing fitness ctr and I make comments like this about the others on every site possible.


Same problem Red16!! One of the most uncomfortable situations is that the owners would spy on their employees from home..Very Big Brother(ish).

The male owner came across as a "know it all" and the female owner was just a plain big mouth b@tch!!!

And for the owner to try to get into your personal business and threaten you to fire you! The Do yourself a favor people and go somewhere else.


I used to work for this company and the way they treated there employees and what they expect from them is mind-boggling. Don't spend your money on this so called gym and go to a real gym.


SJ, You sound like a real DUMB *** She said that she was paying $20 (MORE) and you sound like one of the little punk thugs that she is talking about!!!!


Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face! :grin


SJ is a freak. Don't listen to it.

No one should EVER have to put up with an unclean environment at a gym. Period.


I am attracted to the concept of a chain gym. I want to work out with bodybuilders, powerlifters, fighters, and triathletes.

I am tired of ymca's with their old men who want to fight, their loudmouths who talk politics the whole time you're on the treadmill, and housewives who tell endless, boring stories about their kid's bad teacher.

But when I read a review of any chain gym, all I hear about is dirty johns, rude managers, and

scary pound-of-flesh finance companies.

Maybe one should just RUN and have a few dumbbells in the basement! :cry :cry


Wow SJ what is with you? I know you can tell the way any establishment is run by the how clean the bathrooms are. And as for men making a woman feel uncomfortable it is called sexual harassment and is against the law.


One bad apple ruins the bunch, and this poorly-run excuse of a gym needs to be put down before it negatively affects my local Anytime clubs.....


These gyms are independently owned. You should contact the corporate office.

That gym sounds like it might be an embarrassment to the company name. Sorry your experience was so bad!!!!!!!!!


The only consistant factor in your bad YOU. Seriously...Did you go to workout or use the washroom ????

Save yourself the trip next time, and try the new gas station, I hear it is great! ...Please...Stay at your 20$ gym, it sounds like just your style.