Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
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ANYTIME FITNESS in Holly Springs NC Suck! So my sister sign a yr.

Contract she can't use it anymore and was in VA for a month. When I decided to use it the owner came up to me at the gym and said I can't use it. It not transferable. He was rude to me, told me to appologist and i have to leave in the middle of my workout.

She have only a month left on her contract and she have been paying every month. She is worried they will screw her over when she cancle her contract bc I used it. I was shopping around for a gym and I will not be joining Anytime Fitness after this and all the comments. Btw my sister is working out at O2 fitness which is way better than Anytime Fitness.

And she no longer use her Anytime Fitness membership bc she wasn't seeing any result there and she is just paying them until her contract end in May. Hopefully they don't try to charge her extra or *** when she try to put in her 30 days noticed for cancellation. I'm joining O2 fitness in Faquay-Varina tomorrow so I can continue my work out. Btw the Anytime Fitness in Holly Springs is so small and I've seen ppl without any key goes in there with ppl that have keys, and you want to tell me that these ppl are all listed under the same contract.

Like the high schooler that go to that gym with there friends behind them. But I got called out bc I used my sister' s pass.

Yea. Anytime Fitness suck!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The place sucks because you can't abuse the contract and use it for free under your sister's name...which is clearly prohibited? Amazing.