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Anytime Fitness - Very Rude Staff!! Dirty Gym!! 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I love anytime fitness. The Lethbridge and Strathmore locations are top notch!!! However, your Sunridge location in Calgary is deplorable. For only being 2 years old it looks like it is already rundown. They hardly have any 45lb plates??? Several times in the evening there are no towels, soap is empty in the bathroom (gross), the wipe dispenser has been ripped off the wall and sitting empty for months! They have one dispenser and I see most...
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I liked
  • Lethbridge and other locations
I didn't like
  • Sunridge calgary as it is a disgusting gym
Anytime Fitness ? Or is it now ..Anytime physical Therapy ? Everytime I try to use recumbant bike they put a patient on it who is preparing for a therapy session . Get more bikes ! Decent ones too. Not just the " one " decent bike always taken by a patient. And fix the *** treadmills while your at it. Somethings always broken (ughh the tv's ). At least when Noel was here in Riverside Pierce St. Gym, the bathrooms were alway clean. I see...
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My husband and I began going to Anytime Fitness north in Minot, ND in early October 2015. We love it!! All went well until early March when a very air freshener with a heavy fragrance was placed in the facility. I asked if this could be changed because of my allergies and was told that I could unplug it while I was there. That helped some but the air, carpet and walls still smelled. I had to exercise with burning eyes and nasal passages. They...
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I liked
  • Friendly staff
I didn't like
  • Heavily fragrance in exercise area
We have had a membership at the Anytime Fitness on 192 highway in Clermont, FL for several months, and the staff is always rude and never helpful there. One of the girls that works there, a hefty blonde, usually folds towels and occasionally works at the desk, and is especially rude! The equipment is old and needs to be replaced, and the gym is normally dirty. We are now going to the newer gyms, because I don't want to catch a staph...
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I liked
  • How ignorant the manager was
I didn't like
  • Staff inabilities