Denver, Colorado
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Be careful of contracts and working with trainers at Anytime Fitness in Golden, Colorado. Even when your contract ends, the fitness center and its financial accounting service may continue to charge your debit/credit card.

One of the trainers there (Jordan) even mentioned - laughingly - how some customers continue to be billed for memberships that they "haven't used in over a year." Getting your contract to end, be modified, or getting any type of refund for extenuating circumstances is next to impossible with this facility in Golden, Colorado. They'll eagerly take your money at sign-up time (particularly Jordan, the part-time trainer who "mans" the office), but completely work against you/deny you when it comes time to stop a contract.

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Maybe the people who are being billed signed and stopped coming and he was laughing about how they are wasting money. Not his problem, They signed a contract and if they dont show what do you expect him to do?

Cancel it for them? Then he wouldnt be holding up his end of the deal.Remember you SIGNED A CONTRACT!!!! Would you let them raise the price on you after you signed due to "extenuating circumstances".

I signed with Jordan and he was a kool dude, told me if I wanted to cancel they would simply need something in writting. Diddnt seem like too much to ask.


I guess I don't understand how this is the fault of Anytime Fitness. I haven't looked over my contract but I imagine there is some sort of early exit fee. Did you ask them about that?


Thank you Douglas, Mr. Corporate POS!

You guys do this to everyone you can! Bend em over and take er deep....ANYTIME STYLE!

Chuck Runyon, (CEO) where are you when your franchisees pilfer from their customers?

I know, collecting the commissions for this thievery! Good goes around and so does the opposite!


It's a contract. Extenuating circumstances that would allow you to modify/cancel the contract are detailed in black in white on the contract. Read what you sign and live up to your end of the contract.