Toronto, Ontario
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Hi Im a member of the Hurontaio and Raylawson location there customer service is poor there staff spends more time sitting in the office and socializing than focusing on there job.Also there equipment is filthy full if dust staff need to spend time focusing on keeping the gym clean than socializing. Also the fee is not cheap but reciving poor service.SMH

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well hello previous anonymous commenter,

If you took the time to look at a map rather than being a Judgy McJudgerson you'd be able to see that this is not for a US location. Brampton is in Canada, so your comment about the US education system speaks for itself.

Canada, on the other hand, has a very good education system and is ALSO very multicultural. We call ourselves a "Cultural Mosaic" because we accept people from all different cultures and races. Brampton is one of those VERY diverse cities. That said, we understand that not everyone has the same proficiency in the English language, and that's A-OK, Eh?

Also, sometimes people type reviews on their phones, or while multitasking, in which case, errors can occur frequently and I totally understand that on a low-key website such as this. I'm also understanding of your lack of geography skills, we all have our own stuff to work on right? If I were in your shoes I'd look at my need to anonymously post negative comments to make yourself feel like a bigger person. Maybe take up an offline self-esteem building hobby?

Like going to a gym not listed on this website, or yoga. Anyways, I wish you nothing but the best.

Have a wonderful life,



Wow! What I shake my head at is your atrocious spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Go back to school, and actually finish this time, please!

You want people to read your comment and take what you say seriously, but you gave this absolutely zero effort. It's sad that people don't take their educations seriously these days, and the US is actually falling behind other countries.