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My husband and I have been a member of the Elizabethtown Anytime since July of 2008. There are 2 large fitness facility in our area however we chose to join the smaller Anytime, as it was open 24hrs a day and better accommodated our hectic work/school schedules. We were excited about such a new facility with 24hr availability. The first few months were going good as the facility was well maintained and the gym was not overcrowded. However, that did not last for long.

Equipment slowly started to go down hill: weight machines pads are cracked, there are never any sanitizing wipes, weight stack pins are bent and can not be removed from weight stacks, the metal weight guards (that protect the weight stack) on the machines are constantly missing, dumbbells are loose and unsafe to use. The weight machines are in need of repair as they are not properly set up or greased. The weight and resistance on the machines at Anytime are not consistent as the rubber belts that run the machine do not move fluidly. An occurrence of poorly maintained equipment happened again this past week. Three weight machines were missing various protective pads. These machines did not have an out of order sign on them or even any indication that the machine was not to be used. The piece of equipment that affected me in particular was the ab crunch machine. I sat down at the machine and proceeded to place my ankles behind the guard to get in proper position to start my ab crunches. However I felt pain as there was a sharp hard object pressing against the tops of my ankles where there is normally a soft pad. Had I not noticed it before starting my crunch then I would have surely bruised or cut my legs when I put pressure on them to pull down for my crunch. There was no sign or any indication at all that the machine was not functioning properly. These issues force me to adjust my workout to accommodate which machines are broken or not functioning properly on a daily basis. However, the major issue is the health and safety risks that these issue present not only for the members of the facility, but also those new to the facility and unaware of the machines to avoid. The sad part is that I have seen many members slip notes under the office doors to bring the broken and poorly operating equipment to the owner's attention, but nothing gets done.

Then another huge problem: the non-member fiasco! The gym is constantly filled with non-members who are either piggy backing on someone else to get in, or one member would bring in a number of guests with them to work out. There have been many instances where I have entered the gym and the gym door was not working properly so you could enter the gym without having to key in. The Elizabethtown Anytime facility is a small facility in and of itself. However it works for us "regular gym goers" there as we share machines and use courtesy for those around us. But when there are large numbers of visitors it is like entering a war zone to attempt to work out. I workout at various times and days ranging anywhere from 3pm-11:30pm and it is always the same. Then the regular occurrence of piggybacking and "accidentally" holding the door open for uninvited guests happens daily. I have seen this happen when the owner and/or the woman in the office have been in the facility. This is another issue that presents a health and safety risk for the members as the nonmembers (especially the younger ones) tend to goof off and use the equipment improperly and also do things in the gym to endanger others. A specific occurrence: I was on the large cable weight machine in the middle of the gym doing curls. It is a rather wide machine so if you are only using one side there is plenty of room for someone to use the other side as well. However there are two handles right in the middle of the cable structure overhead that people use to do pull ups on. Consider the fact that when one or both sides are being used then there is no room to jump up and use the chin up handles. This one particular young disrespectful non-member was in the gym goofing off this evening. As I was doing curls on one side of the machine he jumped up right behind me in an attempt to do a chin up and came very close to kicking me right upside my head. I turned to the boy and asked him to please refrain from doing that while I was using the machine. The boy proceeded to laugh and goof off with his friends. The worst part about this incident is that the office door in the gym was open and the woman who works in the office was sitting there while chaos was unfurling in the gym. She was too busy on the internet to even know what was going on when she was not 10 feet from the machine. Not to mention the fact that there are cameras everywhere in the gym and the monitors are in a closet in her office, which she had the doors closed and was not monitoring. The office woman left for the night around 4:45 or 5:00pm and walked right past all of the young kids goofing off and nothing was said. I have seen her carefree attitude towards what goes on in the facility multiple times on many different days as she consistently sits in the office on the internet with the doors closed on the security monitors.

I like to work out at least 4 days a week. However, I feel like I am wasting my hard earned money on a membership that I do not get to use fully because I dread going into the gym for fear of being stared at, dealing with non-members goofing off, broken equipment, and a poorly maintained facility. Overall my husband and I are very dissatisfied with the Anytime fitness facility in Elizabethtown, KY. Needless to say we will not renew our contract there in July, nor will I or any of my family ever set foot in another Anytime fitness facility again.

The worst part is that I contacted the Anytime headquarters and spoke to a indivdual who asked me to e-mail her my complaint and gave me her direct phone number. I wrote them/her a very detailed letter documenting dates and times of specific occurences and nothing has been done. I was never contacted back, I called and left messages on this persons' machine and still received any response. Word of mouth goes alot further than any advertising firm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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A friend and I were considering joining an Anytime facility, but with the problems you outline and other complaints about the contract "grabbiness"... don't think it will happen. We'll stick with the "Y" even though it's not as convenient for hours.

I realize these facilities are independently owned/operated, but the potential for this to happen in any of the facilities has been driven home by this review.

Thanks for taking time to post your experience, you made a difference for us.


Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face! :grin


We have cameras in the gym, but they never review the tapes. If they did review the tapes then they would pinpoint who is goofing off, messing up equipment, and letting non members in, and put a stop to it.


Do yall not have cameras in ur gym, bc the Anytime that I go to has cameras, and they even tell u that when u bring sum1 who is not a member u get a automatic $50 fine, and if there is goofing off, then it is seen ,sounds like new management is needed