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I signed up in January after moving to a new apartment that didn't have a gym on the property. When I signed up, I was given exactly two options: a 12-month contract at $45/month or an 18-month contract at $40/month. I told them at the time that I wasn't comfortable with either of those options because I didn't know how long I would be staying in the city and I didn't know when the gym at my apartment would be finished. They were really pushy until I decided to go with the 18-month contract because I was assured that I would be able to cancel if I moved to an area 15 miles away from a club.

Well, it's now April. The gym at my apartment is complete so I've started using it to cut down travel time. I called yesterday to find out the cancellation policy and was told that I was not allowed to cancel for any reason other than moving or becoming disabled. No other reasons. No exceptions. So I can't even cancel with a cancellation fee. He said the reason I can't cancel is because I signed a contract instead of getting a MONTH TO MONTH membership.

This is completely unacceptable. If I had been told that there was a month to month membership option, I would have absolutely gone with that, even if it was more expensive because I didn't want to be locked into an 18-month contract. And I can't even cancel my membership. I also just got charged a $20 club fee on top of my membership fee that I was not informed about prior to being changed. I vaguely remember a brief mention of this at the time I signed up, but a reminder would have been nice so it didn't overdraft my bank account.

This is for the location in San Marcos, TX. I've never posted a review like this, but I think it's 100% ridiculous that they won't let me cancel at all and didn't even give me all of the membership options.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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No. I did not move.

The point that I was trying to make is that he told that I could cancel if I moved instead of telling me that there was another option, which was a month to month membership, which would have the preferable choice.

Of course you're going to find holes. There are holes in everyone's logic, including mine, because no one thinks the same way.

I wasn't wanting to cancel for moving. I wanted to cancel because my apartment just opened an on-site fitness center that's free to use. I understand contract law, so the first thing I did was call to find out the cancellation policy, knowing full well that there would be penalties for canceling.

The thing that frustrated me was that I was then told that there was no way I could cancel unless I moved or became disabled, but I would have been able to cancel if I had a month to month membership.

I don't like that they took advantage of someone wanting to join a gym in January soon after the new year by not telling me about all the options and forcing me to choose a contract option.

I know that I am at fault as well because I should have taken more time to understand the terms (the membership agreement does not have cancellation terms listed for voluntarily canceling) and because I did sign it. I just would have liked to have been given all of the options offered.


"I was assured that I would be able to cancel if I moved to an area 15 miles away from a club.". YOU DIDN'T MOVE!

You wrote the terms yourself that you had to move to have a valid cancellation.

BTW: did you not get a copy of the contract?

Is there something wrong with you reading the terms or asking to see those terms in writing? And you went for 18 months, but didn't care about the cost, so why didn't you go for 12 months?