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I wished I knew about this site earlier this year. I made the mistake of "working" at Anytime Fitness in Lewiston, Idaho. I have a BS in Kinesiology, ACSM and NESTA certifications and A.F. never paid me. Rather, the owners wanted me to discount my prices so their members would get a bargain working with their one and only trainer - me. I then had to pay the house a percentage of my sales.

Since it was a priviledge for me to have access to their members, I had to commit my time to come in and be available to walk prospective members around the gym so that they might sign up. I wasn't getting paid but the gym required it of me.

Finally, after a month, the owner hands me nasty corporate non-compete contracts saying that if something happens, (whether Anytime Fitness fires me or I get tired of working for free and quit), then I would not be able to work as a trainer in the same town (or anywhere near it!) because I'd then be competing against Anytime Fitness. If corporate wanted to, they could and would take me to court and I'd have to pay their legal fees!

I told the owner I wouldn't sign the contracts and he said that although he never even read them, he would rewrite it. Needless to say, I packed my stuff and left.

Anytime Fitness still owes me money from the clients I did work with during that month. You see, when it came to the payday, (the second week or whatever) my paycheck was 'overlooked' and I didn't get my commissions. By the end of the month a few more clients used my services (at discounted rates, of course) and since I walked out without giving the courtesy of a 2 week notice, the owners of Anytime Fitness kept my check - the money I did earn. Nice.

In addition, the clients who did sign up for my services never got their money back either from the gym. Anytime Fitness in Lewiston, Idaho kept my money and they kept their members money that should have been returned to them when I left the facility because they didn't have another trainer to fill my place.

The bottom line is this: trainers be careful working at Anytime Fitness. I won't step foot in another gym - ever. They're cut-throat and do not care about their educated trainers. Also, for those considering signing up to become members be careful.

Thanks for reading.

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Sorry to say but it's not Anytime Fitness's fault that you didn't get paid, it's the owner's. AS a trainer you have to be aware of the fact that you are an independent contractor and are basically responsible for managing your own clients.

Not for nothing bud but if you had clients that you brought in and trained before they even signed clients to you maybe you could drum up business yourself. Also, look at yourself in the mirror and take responsibility for your own faults the more people that see you training your own clients the more clients you will essentially get.

I started off as a trainer for Anytime fitness and within a year and half I am a Manager already. Anytime Fitness isn't responsible for you not getting paid, the owners are and I would probably try to settle it with them before you go bashing the company like that.


I've worked at different health clubs over the last 20 years and I have to say that in my opinion its by far the worst. I worked for a corporate af club(yes af corporate does own some of the clubs) and after working there for almost 3 months I never once received the correct amount due to me.

From paycheck #1(which btw was $60 for approx.

70 hours of work), they wont ever pay you minimum wage which is illegal. I have reported af to the dept of labor and with the way its looking because they still have decided to not pay my minimum wage I will be filing a civil claim with them.



Anytime fitness is a franchise opertated business and the way one franchisee opertates does not garentee the same in all of the Anytimes' across the globe.

I work for Anytime Fitness in AUSTRALIA, and it is a wonderful place to work, i enjoy coming to work and obviously.

It is completely unfair for this one person to disgrace the Anytime name because of his/her personal experience with their boss. It is a reflection of his/hers' BOSS not the Anytime franchise.

Complete BS!!


Dear Mr. "Get it Right",

As a fellow business owner myself, I understand your frustration about the black cloud being cast over the general name "Anytime Fitness". However, I hope you can also appreciate the irony and culpability of your own actions.

The poster does have a legitimate complaint. That franchisee did break several employment laws. The poster also noted which specific town the offending AF was in.

By lashing out at him, telling him he was in the wrong, the difficulty of being a business owner, and implying he needs to apologize to you for possibly hurting your business in another state, you are putting yourself in a negative light.

I understand the economy isn't the best, and belts are tight. I understand we need to do everything we can to keep our doors open. But sometimes, the best thing we can do, to that end, is to do nothing at all. Or, better yet, become the person's friend. Your best ally is the one who evolved from your enemy. I understand when your blood, sweat, tears and dollars are on the line, emotions run high. But I promise you, it will benefit you completely in the long run.

An example of what I mean; If I was in the same position you are- Owning a franchisee of the same name as the one who had wronged the poster - here are a few things you can do to set your wonderful and ethical franchise apart from the other gentleman's not so promising franchise.

1. Empathize with the poster. Let him know your similar experiences and how it has impacted you in the past.

2. Offer to assist him. Give him the information of who in the corporate offices to contact and how, in order to gain resolution to his issues. If he is able to work directly with corporate, he wouldn't resort to publicly bashing the name as his only way of attracting attention to the issue.

3. Or rather part 2 or #2- This also puts your franchise in a more favorable light with him and the people on the forum. They see you for the ethical, informative and helpful business owner you are. They trust you, and are more than happy to work with you more as well as send referrals your way.

and finally 4. It brings the offending franchise owner to corporation's attention. This way they can do what needs to be done so he doesn't further sully the good AF name. Obviously that franchise owner is not above underhanded tactics. If he's done it once, he has or will, do it again. *** out the bad apples, so they doesn't kill the good ones, right?

It can be a bit of work, but all the resolutions work to your favor, more so than reprimanding or blaming the victim, as I'm sure you agree. And please, pardon my offer of information if it offends you in any way. I know this is all information you have already made use of and I am only repeating what you already know. I am only repeating it now in hopes to help you with this situation.

I hope every one finds an amicable resolution to this rather difficult position.








I really do enjoy working out at anytime fitness. The trainers are wonderful and always show up.

The staff is extremely friendly and I have had no troubles with my payments. I am sorry to hear that you just happened to run into a gym that is not well run, but not all of them are like that.

You should not criticize all of the anytime fitness gyms as a whole when you only have been to one of the gyms. Get more informed with other experiences from other costumers and employees from other anytime fitness locations before you make comments that may affect their business.


i bet that they r running into quite a few business errors. and i bet they can be sued deeply and that is why they are running. ;)


that sucks. im doin a report on them because i thought anytime fitness was cool. guess not...


:cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( ;) 8) :p :) :grin ;) :cry


I don't think it's fair to blame the whole anytime fitness business for what independent owners/employees do. I own two anytime fitness in ohio and both very succesful as far as business and staff. Sorry to hear other franchises have to fight for every cent to stay in business.


No, Everyone under Anytime Fitness should be blame especially the headquarter for allowing these people, owners and managers to treat customers and their trainers like they do. DO NOT sign up with membership with any local Anytime Fitness let alone a training program.

Trainers will never show up and they have a high turn over rate because just the complaint wrote. You will get better service at YMca, ballys, lifetime and others but not this company.

In fact share this website to everyone. They are nothing but thieves.


Anytime Fitness as a company should no be bashed but rather the INDEPENDENT owners/operators that choose to represent themselves in a negative manner. That is why the internet and freedom of speech is such a controversial thing.

As an owner myself,I know the investment made is huge for a struggling middle class person. What is really irratating is that a company is being bashed for something an INDIVIDUAL chose to do.

The legitimate gripe here is with an owner, so choose not to go to their location(s). The rest of us have made a huge investment and commitment to represent themselves and their communities in a positive way!


Its sad to see how people think. I work at an anytime fitness manage and train as well as coordinate group training classes.

I am very happy with the franchise. 34.00 is not a lot to pay for your membership/health! There is ways out of your contract but they have to be legit reasons. Its a contract just like any contract you sign you have to keep up your end of the deal.

we don't make you sign it you chose to, and you get what you pay for. if you want a gym that keeps you local and doesn't go out of the way to keep members happy pay your 15.00 a month at a different gym but if you want a gym that works for you then you should try anytime fitness! :? As far as the trainer not getting paid!

That is a specific gym owner that doesn't define the whole franchise and i'm not saying you should sell yourself short but...

it is important to have direct contact with the members. you want them to trust you with there money and body then you should approach them and make them comfortable they are usually very intimidated by you at first!


I feel their whole "within 30 days thing is *** to" i told them I am positive I will not be coming in. I have a home gym, and I work at a facility that gives me free membership.

Oh you can still feel free to come in he tells me. I don't want to come in or need to. If the anytime fittness cared about their clients they would work with them a bit. Meanwhile that's almost a full days work down the drain.

I had a two year contract would it really hurt to relieve me of that final cost for a month I won't even use?

If you worked with me I might have come back, it will be the YMCA if I switch gyms again. For sure


I have been a trainer for years. Don't feel the need to ever sign a noncompete contract, as I am in independent contractor and when I step foot into a public pay per month gym, I'm helping patrons enjoy, use and develop life long habit to make them long time gym goers and thus returning customers to the gym. And my goals are to build up fitness in communities, no matter where the fitness occurs public parks, private gyms or recreational areas, such as ski resorts.

The quality of the gyms - equipment, cleanliness, location, athletics are what gyms should compete over, not me as a fitness coach.

No competes are no good for fitness trainers.


She told me $34/ month, that was "it" month to month, and then I heard the scam line, "Ok, to get you started it's $85." When I worked 2 1/2 days at Florida No Fault and the woman training me used this line I knew I couldn't scam anyone in the same manner, EVER. At this point I won't be signing up.


Anytime Fitness Sucks :(


Clubs all over the country are sketchy and these 24/7 clubs are the sketchiest! Chuck Runyon, CEO of Anytime Fitness and Peter Taunton, CEO Snap Fitness have allowed this to occur in their companies for years.

Franchisee oversight is ridiculous, support is substandard and the individual club owners are passing on this attitude to the members. BUYER BEWARE, THIS IS A LOSER!


gyms across the country are sketchy. I have had to call the labor board before to get money owed to me. Good luck


Thank you Chuck Runyon or whoever at Anytime Fitness corporate who posted below. Please refrain from posting another steaming pile like this again.

This site is for people who are genuine and have real issues with your company and want to share these with other potential victims. This unsustainable business model is rearing it's head and the inevitable ending for many franchisees is near.

Who always wins? Anytime Fitness corporate, who else!