Westerville, Ohio
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I started going to this gym in December and I loved.They went under new management and one of the trainers asked if I would do an evaluation everybody that goes their has to have one.

I agreed because I was a college student and just moved to Michigan so I did not want to feel left out. After my evaluation he said that I was very overweight and showed me a BMI chart of where I should be and were I was at which said extreme obesity. So while I am in tears he says I can help and throws a training contract in my face not reading he said it is 120 and two sessions a week. At first I had no problems because I had a summer intern ship.

Now that I am back in college I could not afford it but the men said you have not made a significant amount of results and this contract you can not get out of. I called to get my contract because I lost it in my move to college. The manager said he was calling the police because he felt threatened. Please keep in mind I am 4'7 and 175 pounds.

I waited their until the police came but they never did and he said that he did not call them. I have not went back to that gym since and am still getting 120 dollars out of my account until this gym receives 3000. I was constantly called overweight and nobody deserves to be treated this way.

When I told the manager he said their was nothing he can do and he does not have a boss.I will never again use anytime fitness they are crooks and manipulators that get off on breaking down a persons self esteem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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