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I purchased a membership for anytime fitness. When I was relocated for work, I called to have it cancelled.

The anytime fitness rep told me it was through ABC Financial, who then told me I had to provide an email notice to cancel my account. I did as they asked. When I got another charge I called again, and was told that now they required it in writing. I did so again, and yet another monthly charge.

I called back a third time to anytime and this time they said they would only honor it if it came certified. I contacted the local Anytime who is the company that signed me uf for this garbage, and they just defferr to abc financial sayint its between me and them, and the club has nothing to do with it. If I were looking into a fitness club, I would run the other way. They sell a product and offer a service that is at best fraud, and they know it.

Both the financial service and Anytime are profiting from these false charges, and should be investigated for consumer fraud.

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501,Powai plaza,hiranandani gardens,opp pizza hut,Powai, Mumbai 76.India. is the current office of ANYTIME FITNESS and

his residential address is-

2901 Somerset Building,Opposite Crysil House ,diagonally opp. Dmart, Powai

All those who need to lodge a complain against Chandan Lunawat.He already has enough cases registered against him and the cops are not paying much heed to it.He needs to be put behind bars n hammered.


ABC financial has the worst business sense I have ever witnessed. They are rude as Anytime Fitness and will not help you and will give you the runaround to keep taking your money out of your account.

Anytime Fitness tells you to contact ABC because they don't want to deal with you. The longer it takes to stop payment or to cancel membership, the more money the 2 companies make.

You need to complain to the Better Business Bureau and then to the Fraud investigations office of your local Government offices. Stop taking *** as a consumer and it may make a difference and stop these scammers.


This situation is a broken record for this franchise. Anytime and ABC Financial play this same gig consistently with members leaving for legitimate reasons to collect extra membership dues.

Anytime blames ABC and ABC blames Anytime.

They both win and the ex-member is the loser and is forced to pay or be sent to collections. DON'T BUY HERE!


In the meantime, I want you to call over my members at my gym that have successfully lost weight and made lifestyle changes, adding on 10 years to their life. A member named Bob is 58 years old, lost 250 lbs, and gets to meet his first grandchild soon which wouldn't have happened if he didn't joined.

So I'm willing to be there are about three times the amount of success stories coming out of Anytime Fitness then the stories of people coming off this website that didn't understand what they were signing when they joined. My members regularly leave my gym a better person in which they came. Anytime Fitness is at a Million Members worldwide, only a small percentage of the one million is on here.

Where's the other 95% of the people? Working out on a treadmill with a big smile on their face.

Seriously, read the fine print that you agreed to before you complain.

@Reply to "Reply to stephcook"

That's cool that people get in shape and all, but it doesn't changed the fact that your a predator and a thief. I was going to go to the local Anytime and check it out but I've spent the last two hours reading horror stories from every end of the internet.

I'm talking thousands of complaints. I need somewhere to work out at a decent price, not rude and arrogant staffers trying to sell me stuff I don't need (i.e.

some joke of a personal trainer). I think I'll check out the local YMCA.


You sign an agreement saying you WILL pay for a service offered for 2 years. Everything is written out to you in black and white.

Cancellation requirements, refund requirements, and agreement policies all state that you are in debt to the company a certain amount of money.

You expect ABC Financial or Anytime Fitness to wave a magic wand and make it all go away after you've AGREED to invest into your health, which is obviously a good thing. You're whining.


Now the billing companies are trolling the complaint sites? Stephanie, we all know there is not a thing you will do to help this person!

Attempting to cover your _ss with this steaming pile of rhetoric is just plain wrong.

You guys have been performing business like this for years and club members are regularly taken for a long excruciating financial ride. Call Chuck Runyon, Anytime Fitness CEO and let him now you did your best, but it just was not good enough!


Most health clubs request a cancellation request be sent in writing. Your agreement should indicate the kind of notice that is to be given to discontinue service - most clubs ask for at least 30 day written notice.

I would be happy to review your account to ensure proper measures were taken.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly at

Stephanie Cook

Data Research Analyst


They did the same thing to me. Got charged for two months I didn't want because they play the run around game and don't tell you how you have to cancle before hand.

$60 bucks for free in their pockets. Weird how so many people have the same issue with these people and nothing gets done about it.