This gym is a joke I go in there and they get you to pay a "club enhancement fee" every 6 months first payment due 45 days after signing - plus they make you pay hst on that fee like here let me pay taxes for the money I'm giving you. This place doesn't even have a *** water cooler no pay for the water bottles. Place is a cash grab run by small time franchisee *** Do not join

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All too true. Especially the part about the franchisees being ***.

My personal experience is having a franchisee guarantee that I could cancel at anytime (company moving to new facility with its own fitness center), but then telling me that he meant "...future contracts"). Right.

He was guaranteeing my right to cancel contracts that don't yet exist. Total ***.


This is going to cost you $22.95 for posting this complaint. PLUS HST.

Please make check payable to Anytime Fitness.

;) Ya cheap ***. Get a job hippy.