Clio, Michigan
Not resolved

Gym itself is clean mostly. Don't pay extra for tanner they never chaged the bulbs the whole year i was there. Also the free trainer was so awful she was late to our scheduled session, she told me not to use the weight machines because they don't really work, and to top it all off she kept checking the time.

They go through ABC financial to collect payments. Don't sign up for anything that collects payments through this agency.

I had to cancel at the end of my agreed upon year.i had to jump through hoops. They told me first I couldn't cancel until the next February because I had waited to add tanning until February. I was never told this. Then after speaking to a supervisor they agreed to cancel and told me my membership would end September 28..i never used the gym through September. On September 28 they billed me again. When I called and complained they said they told me they would bill me again in I gave my key to my son, someone is going to get my money out of this.

So now I wait to see if they will bill me again October 28..

Unless you never plan to quit anytime fitness don't join.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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