Chicago, Illinois
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Worst company I have ever had to deal with! I'm moving out of the country and started the process almost 3 months ago to get out of my contract.

I have had to jump through so many hoops it's unbelievable, but I have gotten everything together that they have asked for, still no response if I can get out of my contract. The only time I did hear anything was when I contacted them again to see what was going on. I was told that my request would be accepted as soon as I provided them with my new address, which I had already done a month before, so after I provided it again they told me many requests like mine get declined until a new photo ID from the new state is privided. One, did they not just say it will be accepted as soon as they recieved an address and two, I'm not moving to a different state I'm moving to a different country!

So not only have they gotten payment for the last three months I have been trying to cancel, they also charged me my once a year maintenance fee to get new equipment. I will never again be a member of this gym, I have told everyone I know that goes to this gym (not just my location) and they will not be renewing my contract, and anyone I know looking for a gym I make sure to tell them my experience.

Do not give this gym your business! Worst company ever!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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