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I was a member of Anytime Fitness Ann Arbor since Jan 2012. At the start of membership I was told by the person in the Anytime Fitness gym office that I wouldn't be required to pay termination fee if my reason for cancellation was medical OR relocation to an area far away from gym. As my job makes me travel unpredictably, it seemed like a great option and I jumped in to sign up.

A month ago, it has been 1 year and 5 months of continued use of the gym but sadly, I'm having to move overseas for work where there is no Anytime Fitness. About a month ago, I called the same local office and spoke to staff member who was still of the opinion that I wouldn't need to pay the termination fee but they would need my proof of change of address. Still good!

Today, I called in the gym office to schedule an appointment to come in and cancel and I was told to call ABC financial company who told me that I would in fact incur a termination fee. I was surprised and a little shocked! $50 is not what bothers me ! But I felt misled by the staff at Anytime Fitness today. From the beginning they lured me into signing up for the gym and kept showing me a rosy picture but when it finally came down to acting on it, they turned me towards a totally different organization that I had never dealt with before and who wouldn't recognize all my interactions with the gym staff before.

The sad thing is that I know an ex-staff of gym as a neighbor/friend and when I texted her about this, she still told me that I shouldn't have to pay up any termination fee since my reason is relocation and not anything trivial.

My mistake was to trust the gym staff with their words and not ask them for a written proof that no fee would be charged. I am writing this review to mainly give you all a warning before hand to not trust any staffer if they say any such thing to you.

For the administration side, my complaint is that why is there such a difference between what staff members are telling members or potential members ?? To me it sounds deceptive and nothing else.

Monetary Loss: $50.

  • Misleading policy
  • Misguidance
  • Sneaky
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