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I went to Anytime Fitness at Cagan Crossings in Clermont to sign up for a membership. A friend of mine said they had a 1 year contract but Heather at the front desk (also the owner of the company) tried to force me into a 2 year contract.

She was very pushy and condescending. Before completing my application I walked around to view their equipment. It looked dirty and gross. The bathrooms were disgusting and smelled awful.

The was no toilet paper or paper towels in the bathroom and it looked as though the mirrors had not been cleaned in a while either. It looks as though they bathrooms had not been serviced in quite some time. If they can't even keep their bathrooms serviced, what kind of care do they take of their equipment and tanning bed?? I can only imagine the film that lies on the tanning bed!!

After seeing the filth of the gym, I left without completing a membership. Heather acted completely disgusted and very rude when I told her that I had changed my mind when I came back from the restroom. She said that she didn't need my business anyway and not to return. Wow.

Glad I dodged that bullet! After asking my friend why the heck she would recommend that place to me, she said that she has a membership but has never actually used it and is just waiting for her contract to end in a few more months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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That's really too bad. I've gone to a few different Anytime Fitness gyms and they have been really clean and nice.


I can't believe all the lies these pathetic people have written. I have been a member since this gym first opened.

I have also visited several other gyms in the area and must say this gym has always been the cleanest, the most friendly with regard to the staff and members and very catering to any concern I have ever had.

If you want to workout at a great gym I recommend this one. If you want to listen to the lies then find out for yourself the disgusting nature of other gyms in this area.


I am glad I found this site and read this. I was getting ready to go and get a membership at this gym.

I have no patience for rudeness, nastiness or egotistical owners. Thanks for helping me dodge a bullet.


I agree, bathrooms get pretty rotten quite fast. It isn't that tough to have the staff doing an hourly check-off list to make sure these things get done.

I noticed how Michelle said that the gym caters to the member's needs.

Toliet paper is a necessity! Our gym bathrooms are the same-very dirty!


Wow I've been a member for two years and can't believe to lies people are allowed to write. Everything in the above statement is lie. Shame on you.


We take immaculate care of our facility; I challenge the statement that my club is dirty. To any consumer that would like to check us out come anytime and I’ll gladly show you around.

We offer one and two year agreements as well as short term vacationer memberships.

We will cater to your needs. If any issue has been brought to my attention it has always been immediately fixed.


I am so glad I read these reviews before joining this gym. I am sure these 4 people are not lying on your.

Shame on your for giving this chain a bad name! :x


Heather treats people this way after they sign the contract. Disgusting. Be glad you didn't sign it.


Yeah Heather is a total b&*%^. exactly the same with us BUT AFTER WE GOT THE CONTRACT. We'll learn from our mistake but Heather is a fraud