Bradford, Ontario

I have zero idea what happen too this club, where should I start? How bout the new fitness room they put in at the beginning of the year, the walls are disgusting to start, why is there never wipes in the dispenser?, all the tile in the back of the room is lifting, I still get told by the staff that mirrors are coming and they will be here “soon” and what about the stereo that works 10% of the time..Its just beyond a joke.

Bathrooms are never clean anymore the tile in the shower rooms now are stained black and the toilets always have splatter. I will not even touch the water fountain the cup that holds water is covered in black mold.

Garbages always full, plates are a mess constantly, wipes are never replaced and when they are they are cover in mold, cardio cover in sweat… When you bring any of this up to the staff they just brush you all its like know one cares about. I over heard the old trainer telling someone they shouldn't use a machine because they were too fat and that was the final straw for me.

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What happened to this club you ask. This used to be a fun place to work out, but now very few people smile any more and all that changed when Dave Pancer showed up.

He is nothing short of a backstabbing lying and unqualified instructor.

In approx 3 weeks we can say goodbye to this place and start working out at a real gym-GOODLIFE! The Jonstons should have sold this place when they had the chance.


Oh and I forgot to add because they have a goodlife opening up down the road the trainer told me that if you try to cancel they will just offer to discount your membership to $30/month.... but trying to keep it hush hush so people don't know, how shady


I went and asked recently and was told that I was already at the discounted rate of 35 dollars a month and that was the lowest. These people are really shady as I have had a conversation with another member who claimed he was paying 49 dollars a month. I told him to go speak with the manager, but dont expect too much as she is not that bright!


Anonymous, for your information the trainer is an ***, a complete ***! You cannot trust a word out of this guys mouth as it is nothing but lies and when you challenge him he will try to cover with another lie. Based upon what I am hearing this gym should be doors shut tight by the end of the year.