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Well it's been 5 years and I can't say we were ever able to resolve this matter. Eventually the calls from ABC Financial stopped.

To date, nothing has appeared on my credit and seeing how long it's been since this transaction, I don't forsee it becoming an issue again . This has been a good lesson learned as I haven't joined another gym since and have saved hundreds of dollars in not doing so. My husband and I invested in a home gym and we're now in the best shape of our lives.

Can't say we would've achieved these same kind of results at Anytime Fitness. For those of you that are still bound by this place and that ridiculous contract, I can empathize with you and I'd like to say that there is hope for a stress-free future and good health.

Original review posted by user May 03, 2011

I visited my local Anytime Fitness in Jan 2011. Met with a pushy salesperson aka "owner" to discuss the club and what they could offer me.

I had 3 other appointments set up at other facilities for that same day. I politely asked for a few days to think about joining and to take advantage of the "Free week" pass that I brought in from the website. I was then informed that if I did not join then at that moment , that I would no longer be eligible for the "free enrollment". I tried to reason with this pushy salesperson, yet either which way , the story stayed the same.

So I joined and signed the contract. Also added my husband to the membership. We went probably 10 times through the rest of January and February before realizing that this gym was NOT for us. I wrote a request for cancellation a little over 30 days later to receive a response stating that NO WAY, NO HOW , UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OTHER THAN A PERMANENT DISABILITY OR MOVING OUT OF THE COUNTRY COULD I CANCEL THIS MEMBERSHIP!!!

I was immediately infuriated by this. Barely a month in and there were no options! Not even an early termination fee!! I called the club and spoke with the "owner"s boyfriend and explained my reasoning for wanting to cancel.

He was least compassionate towards my situation and advised me that I CANNOT CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. So, I placed a Stop Payment on the ACH withdraws and changed my checking account number. Since doing this, I am receiving calls from ABC Financial requesting my new account number and billing information.HAHAA I DON'T THINK SO!!! ANYTIME FITNESS IS A JOKE AND SO IS ABC FINANCIAL- TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS...

DO NOT , UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, JOIN THIS GYM! It comes with a contract for life and a bunch of BS!

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I signed into a contract that I later realized I did not understand fully and when I tried to stress I was berated by the owner. I mean come on are they so hard up for customers that they have to lock people into a contract.

That is complete and utter b.s. Who are these people that they think they can force someone to do something against their will.

I am abiding by their stupid contract with my only hope being the day I can get out of that place. Sandy Slaven' indiana

Ashley K

Amen, what kind of *** goes around thinking can charge people for a gym half *** working, leakings all over when it rains, children running around while parents work out and others left to get kids climbing off equipment.. Ashley Kane


You mean you were held to a contract that you signed and you could not exit with zero consequences? Ha - another snowflake that thinks the world owes them everything just because their feelings have changed. This thread reveals the garbage character growing like a cancer in this country.


Had a contract with them too even though I quit going paid for it throughout then contract was up, guess what still charged and they refused to stop charging me had to change bank account. Then they put me in collections so you don’t know what your talking about.


I whole heartedly agree that Anytime Fitness and their overpriced fees and contracts are a complete and total JOKE. The gyms are dirty and the staffs rude and of little assistance. Save yourself the money and the aggravation!


All I had to read was that you signed the contract. You could have left. Contracts only become unfair when the person who signed one wants out.


I can't judge you, as I only have your point of view before me here. But I can't help thinking that maybe, just maybe, some of this suffering might have been your own fault because of your negative attitude from the beginning.

I can say that I love being a member of Anytime Fitness, and my original positive review still holds.

Unfortunately, I've had to take a few months off for treatment for my cancer, but I do plan on returning whenever my fatigue lifts again.

The only thing bad I can see about them, even from this website, is their wanting you to adhere to your contract. I left another gym (Fitness Factory) to join Anytime Fitness, and that gym insisted that my wife and I pay for an entire final month, even though we requested termination during the first few days of the month. But I think that is reasonable, and I do not have the slightest complaint about their policy.

They, too, were a great gym, and I still recommend both to those who ask about them.

I wish you the best of luck. I think a home gym was your best result out of this whole thing, even though I wouldn't want one myself.


Did they give you a copy of what you signed we are going through this now


Im 17 years old and I went in thinking "oh you gotta start losing weight, your friends say this is a good gym, and they are charging you $27 a month, sure why not?" I went in and they were going to charge me $80 as a first deposit and then 40 dollars and they put me on a 2 month contact. Being 17 years old and working only part time, I had to call and see if we could cancel it.

And under bo circumstances were they going to let me.

Is there something I could do that you recommend me doing to stop getting charged? And I can get out if this contract?


Unless the law has changed, and unless you are legally emancipated, you can not legally be held to a contract under the age of 18.


I am so happy to hear that you and your husband really did buy home gym equipment and are in great shape, five years later. Life offers different solutions for different people.

Different strokes for different folks. It's all good.


I agree. Do not join.

They make promises that they do not keep. extra classes coming soon?


one year contract? NO, they tack on an extra 6 months


They said you couldn't cancel because you were still in your contract. That's standard gym policy for most gyms that do contracts.

You shouldn't have signed up if you weren't for sure no matter how pushy the salesman was. This is you fault and now your mad because you made a mistake.

Once you've met your contract obligation you could have cancelled with a written 30-day notice. It's all right in your contract that YOU SIGNED!


You're hurting your credit. ABC financial is a debt collection agency


As soon as they started the hard sell approach, you should have walked out. When they said if you didn't sign right then, you would not a get the discount, you should have laughed in their faces and walked out.

But since you signed, you should have read what it said about cancellations. Gyms are infamous for being shady and underhanded when it comes to locking in members. They don't give two sh*ts if you use the facility or not, in fact, they prefer you don't. They just want your money.

And the employees that sell the memberships are paid commission only, so if they can't get you to sign up, they make $0.00. Just remember that next time.


You should have read the contact. You should have canceled before the trial period expired if the gym wasn't for you.

Many gyms operate on the basis of customers being locked into a contact for a service they don't use, it's not specific to anytime fitness. Fortunately there are a lot of lazy people that will use any excuse to avoid working out (potentially yourself included) and the great thing is these people subsidize membership costs for the people who do actually use the gym


When I tried to walk out with a copy of the contract and all the payment plans to make a better decision...they said for legal reasons all I can take out of the gym with me is the brochure.


That should say right there that their crooked, its like stealing from you right in front of your eyes, i think we all know that this is really criminal, and contracts should be illegal, you should only pay for what you use and when you use it. Ive learned my lesson too, i didnt even read the contract, i was gullible in thinking people understand your situation, assumed if a problem arised it could be easly worked through!


A better idea would be to put credit card machines at the door so that you could only be charged for the day of use therefore there would never be a legal problem, course they may not make nearly as much either, im sure that these people have made a killing off these lawsuits, making these attorneys money as well.


Did anyone read the contract before signing?