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I just wrote a review now I'm highly pissed because I was just told I have to go to the website and email someone to cancel my membership but in the photo it says you go straight to the gym! so someone is lying here ?? every time I call this gym its something new I was just told you are given a option to have a contract or not have a contract and now its everyone is on a contract so I wish someone would help me, its like I cant get any kind of truths or help from the owner this gym is not ok the way it is being operated and needs new management or something

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Anytime fitness Cons: Not being able to stop charges, Bad service, Being lied to and manipulated, Not talking to owner.

  • anytime franchise
  • anytime fitness complaints
  • anytime fitness center
  • Expensive Solution
  • Lying Employees
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Yeah then you go to the gym and the employees show up whenever they feel like it. We've had this membership for 4 months and haven't used it. The machines are always taken or broke.