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About three years ago, I informed Anytime Fitness in Grand Forks, ND that I was moving out of state, and would need to cancel my membership. This is clearly legal, and meets the T&C of my contract. I typed and signed a letter after calling to find out what I had to do to cancel. I then personally handed my letter to gym manager with a witness present who also attended the gym. I moved 300 miles away, and sent the Anytime Fitness in Grand Forks, ND proof of my new address. I received a letter stating that I needed to pay a $50 cancellation fee, which seemed strange since I've never heard of this charge when someone moves out of state. I decided to just send the payment and be done with it. After my bank in Grand Forks, ND confirmed the payment, I closed my account in order to transfer to a local Credit Union. End of story, right?

Wrong. It is now 2013, and I recently started receiving phone calls from a strange number. After calling to find out it was a collection agency regarding Anytime Fitness, I was confused. After spending an hour trying to speak with ABC Financial and Anytime Fitness in Grand Forks, I left a message for the club manager to call me.

The manager called me today to tell me that my cancellation payment was never received, so the club decided to charge me $450. They did not in any way inform me, even though they had my new address, that they were going to send this amount to a collection agency. If there was a problem with payment, why did they wait 3 years to say anything? To get more money, that's why. They refused to work with me, and this has to be illegal at some point. I am disgusted by this company, and will tell everyone I know never to go through this branch.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I HAD a membership at Anytime Fitness as well and wanted to cancel it for personal reasons. ABC Financial was calling me everyday and it was very annoying so I blocked their number.

Now a year and a half later I have some "attorney" from the collection agency calling me as well. All of the places associated with Anytime Fitness are rude and quite arrogant.


Shan, I doubt that it's an attorney calling. It's just one of those lying *** from the collection agency calling.


Unfortunately, when your are canceled out of the club system, they are not able to see if something went wrong with the payments. The club director should have told you that this is a cancel fee if you terminate your contract early (even planet fitness has this fee, and its more then ATF). But along with that cancel fee, there is 30 day notice--this is in place to deter people from canceling the day before a payment is taken out.

The club director should have pulled your name from collections, as hopefully they filled your cancel form and were able to see that you paid the cancel fee.

Not every Anytime Fitness is bad, and ALL businesses go through not-as-awesome managers. Businesses also go through transition periods as well. Maybe that club director you spoke with 3 years later was new, and by being upset with them, they were not able to handle the issue and the manor they could have if everyone involved had a level head.

Sucks this had to happen, but to reiterate my point, not every Anytime Fitness is bad!! :sigh


If something out of the ordinary happened, the company should have contacted in order to prevent issues. It is bad business and probably not legal to charge in the manner they chose.


Exactly. This whole situation made me NEVER want to join a gym again. Good job United States corporate greed.