Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

The lady who is in the office at Anytime Fitness is very rude and sarcastic and will not let me cancel my membership.

I told her I could not afford it anymore but she refused to let me cancel it. She froze my account but still charged me 20$ I am beyond pissed, and this lady won't let me cancel.

I have tried to come up with an excuse but she says unless I am "physically unable to workout" she won't let me cancel.

Something needs to be done about this. Nothing has changed since I complained about this lady.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Was this Forster NSW branch? they are incompetent and rude harassers


Forster has a reputation for harboring life's rudest and sadistical beach folk. Its funny because tourists flock there like seagulls, and then the bad reviews of caravan parks, restaurants, family places go UP, UP and UP! LOL I'm surprised nobody has made a movie about the people of this town, its incredible how utterly rude they all are!


You are quite within your right to cancel at any time you choose for any reason your choose. (YOUR REASON FOR CANCELLING YOUR MEMBERSHIPS IS NONE OF ANYTIME'S BUSINESS)

Anytime state....


Your membership may only be cancelled in accordance with your membership

agreement. When cancelling your membership, you must provide a 30 day written

notice, preferably by certified letter. We cannot take phone messages or e-mail communication as your notice. You must provide your signature for us or ABC to cancel the membership.

For medical reasons, documentation from your supervising physician must state that you are permanently disabled and unable to use any of the facilities in the health club. Anytime Fitness reserves the right to verify this information with your physician. (THIS IS NONE OF ANYTIME'S BUSINESS, SO NOT VIABLE) If you need to cancel due to relocation, we will cancel your membership with proof of your new residence (i.e., a current phone bill or utility bill with your name on it). We cannot accept correspondence from employers or family members as proof of your new residence.

(THIS IS NONE OF ANYTIME'S BUSINESS, SO NOT VIABLE) The cancellation process requires a 30-day notice. You are liable for any payments within 30-days of when we or ABC Financial Services receive the proper documentation, and for cancellation fees in accordance with your agreement. There is a $50 early cancellation fee for any membership agreement that is not month-to-month. Membership payments must be up-to-date before any cancellation will take effect.

Please refer to your original membership agreement or the ABC Financial website for details regarding cancellation, or feel free to call ABC Financial Services or the club if you should need assistance. ] Many other have had similar trouble to yours, you may want to try going here, have a read and maybe follow Cancel Wizards advice. Read what this lady did and it worked...


Yes I can jūst coñtàçt your bank or credit çàrd n put q stop payment oñ it..jūst todày I hadta cancel my credit card eveñ chopped it up,oñly takes a maximum of 5 dàys for new card to àrrive

But yes dat *** can be stopped,, gyms ÃrÊ the absolute worst slimes out there,,if u DONT wàññà do that,,go to ur Dr Cuz ur knee hurts n u can no longer work out,,he doesn't tell you this,,YOU TELL HIM THIS,then tell him to get out his trusty little pen and write dowñ dat one señteñçe on his Rx pad,,voila!!!!!

Hôpē I helped, sorry for any and all auto corrects