Madison, Wisconsin

I was under the impression that if financially or physically or mentally I was unable to continue my membership at Anytime Fitness that I could cancel my membership and that'd be it. Apparently, you can't just cancel, unless your moving or have health issues.

If you want to cancel, you either have to transfer to someone else or you still have to pay for the full years worth of membership fees. Absolutely ridiculous. If I don't want to continue there, I should have to pay for your services anymore.

But they don't tell you that when you sign up. Once you sign it, you're stuck with it unless someone else takes it from you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Are people getting dumber or something? You signed the cheaper contract instead of the more expensive month to month or paid in full plans.

You can't get out of other contracts just because you feel like it. When I joined I asked about all cnx policies and they were straight forward with me. They even froze my membership when I broke my hand.

All of these are individually owned so policies vary. Just make sure you ask questions and know what you are signing.


Watch you insurance reimbursement carefully because they will not deposit the monthly reimbursement as promised even if you go 12 times or more per month. They are thieves.

They'll only do it if you tell them but others are so busy they forget or just assume it's being deposited by anytime fitness per agreement.

Post this website on social media, twitter, craigslist and Facebook so people can know about this awful company. This and they are definition of corporate greed.


I'm astonished at the lack of personal accountability. When you sign a contract, it's a contract.

Read it so you know what you are agreeing to. If you don't read it and then complain, it's your fault.


:cry :cry :cry :( anytime told me that my Insurance would pay half for me an my family to get us to sign now they dont take my insurance & we can not cancel an want us to pay full membership bull ***


All you idiots that are just replying "why didn't you read the contract" or "it's like a car, you can't just take it back" must not have had the issues with your health or problems with your keys that the rest of us have had. These people are a huge nation wide rip off and a getting away with it and someone needs to stop them.

My wife did read the contract and little did she know a week later she ended up having knee surgery and was unable to work, drive, and especially work out for about 3 months. She also was never given a key to the facility and every time we went there to solve the problem, either someone else was working that couldn't help us or the doors were locked.

I am still fighting this *** 2 yrs later, so do not back this company in any way. They are crooks and should but shut down and thrown in prison for theft of peoples money.


I'm going through the same problem, and when i signed up for this membership i asked if i needed to cancel it at any time for any reason, would that be a problem and i was told no, it wouldnt be a problem at all. The staff is only nice to you when you are signing up, everything goes downhill after that.


Did you just say that your health isn't a health clubs business? LoL. Wow.


If you want to cancel you should be able to. It is rediculous that they charge you for it.

Even with health issues they *** over too and dont let you cancel without paying, and when you give them a doctors note they still dont accept it.

Anytime fitness doesnt need to know exactly what health issues you have so if you just have a doctor send them a note, that should be that!!!!! your health is your privacy and business not theirs!


I agree reead it before you sign....they look for you to commit not quit... think of it as a car...if you dont drive or didnt use it can you return or cxl your loan? No


Anytime Fittness sucks and their personal trainers that they have take your money don't get a membership their worst thing I ever did! But I canceled it!


You signed a membership contract when you joined and were given a copy. Obviously, you were too *** to read it, otherwise you would have known that you can't just quit because you happen to feel like it.


Why didnt you read the contract before you signed it?