Royal Oak, Michigan

What a ripoff the gym charges 99 dollars to start and 45 dollars a month plus a yearly maintenence fee of 35 dollars and it not even a big gym at all no pool nothing and hey say you can go to all anytime fitness but that is a lie the people at the pther anytime fitness gave me trouble when i tried to workout there they said it was not my home club and they would need to transfer my membership. Wait noone told me about this so then they charged me another more money out of my account then when my 12 months was up they kept charging me and charging me and refused to cancel my membership until I mail a letter to there *** billing company abcd financial horrible customer service

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Stop being grumpy gus'. You did sign into a contract and just because it's a gym doesn't mean it's any less important than any other legal document.

Learn to read or you could be turned into a Humancentipad. FIN.


people like you that get mad and blow up so you post *** *** is why every one hates this country. yes it sucks you did not read the contract and that you pay to much but all you hAVE TO DO IS READ. and the reason you still get charged is your on an auto renew system ask to be taken off


You're an ***.